Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story Review

Game: Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story
Genre: Simulation, RPG
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, Windows)
Developers | Publishers: Lazy Bear Games | Riot Forge
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $24.99 | UK £19.99 | EU € 24,99
Release Date: February, 21st 2024

No review code was used, as I purchased the game myself.

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is an RPG simulation; it’s the latest offering from Riot Forge, expanding the League of Legends universe and presenting a cosy crafting simulation. Unfortunately, Bandle Tale is possibly the last of the Legends games, as Riot Forge has been closed down as part of recent Riot Games layoffs.

Bandle Tale’s developers, Lazy Bear Games, also brought us Graveyard Keeper, and if you liked that game, the chances are that you will enjoy Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story. The setting for this game is Bandle City, the beloved home of the furry Yordle characters familiar to League of Legends players.

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Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story

Let me tell you a story opening scene:A sepia-toned illustration from Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, showing a storybook open to a page with a large, shadowy figure of a creature with glowing eyes standing behind a smaller, central character, the brave little Yordle. Below the image is a caption that reads, "Today, I'm going to tell you a story about one brave little Yordle." The image evokes a sense of beginning an enchanting tale. Published on: LadiesGamers
Let me tell you a story.

In Bandle Tale, you take on the role of a yordle residing in the idyllic village of Yarnville. Situated on an isolated island, Yarnville is a haven for knitting enthusiasts who use yarn magic to get things done, including teleporting between islands.

At the beginning of the game, you get to customise your character, choose hair and eye, colour and many other things. Your character has a physical disability, possibly a missing leg or an injury; the game doesn’t make this clear. However, Gramps saves the day by giving them a knitted leg, boosting your character’s independence.

In-game screenshot from Bandle Tale: A League of Legends showing a festive gathering of Yordles in a vibrant, colorful clearing. A Yordle named Ozzy, in the center, wearing a pink top hat and surrounded by a glowing circle, poses the question, "Are we gonna party tonight?" The environment is cheerful, with other Yordles dancing and celebrating, and the area is decorated with party lights and parasols, conveying a lively, joyous mood. Published on: LadiesGamers
The yordles of Yarnville

From a mechanical point of view, the knitted leg serves as grounds for movement speed upgrades. However, its inclusion as a mobility aid is an admirable idea that will resonate with disabled gamers and offer representation within the game.

So, the story starts in earnest when you sneak out to a party with your friend. But things go awry when you accidentally mess with a magical portal, causing chaos in Bandle City. It’s a good thing your character’s been practising magical knitting for a hundred years, as it will come in handy for the adventure ahead. Now, you are on a mission to fix the portal mess, explore other islands, discover new yordle settlements, and find your missing friend, Clover.

A Backpack Home

A detailed scene from Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, depicting an 'Abandoned Campus' with a Yordle character standing near a task list. The in-game HUD displays a quest log with objectives like 'Star Student' and 'Admission Exam,' and a prompt to 'Repair Flask Workbench.' The campus features whimsical architecture, with a large, snail-shell-like building and various magical items scattered around. It's a bright, sunny day in the game, highlighting the fantastical elements of the Yordle's environment. Published on: LadiesGamers
The backpack home has different carpets to lay out.

Bandle Tales is primarily a crafting RPG where the gameplay loop has you gathering resources, creating tools, building workbenches and ovens, throwing festival parties and serving food at a food stall.

Unlike other games, you’re not tied to one home; instead, you carry a backpack house that you can set up in specific areas. It’s convenient for all the travelling you do. Your portable home base starts small but grows into a spacious pad with multiple rooms, including a greenhouse. You can even customise the walls, floors, bed frames, and windows. I like the idea of a portable home, especially for a game that involves so much travelling back and forth, and it works well.

Party Festival and Food Stand Carpets

In Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, a Yordle named Plumbo stands in a bustling village square, expressing a need for "wood and upcycled junk." The environment is lively, with a colorful marketplace atmosphere, vibrant plants, and a variety of whimsical structures. A new quest titled 'Secret Fort' appears on the in-game HUD, suggesting an adventure. The setting is filled with charming details typical of the game's magical world. Published on: LadiesGamers
Food stand carpet

In certain sign-posted areas, you can also roll out different carpets outside your house. These carpets reveal a food stand or an area for the party festivals you’ll host during your adventure for the island’s residents.

Planning these gatherings is enjoyable; for festivals, you match music, lighting, and activities to your guests’ tastes. The Food stand plays out like a mini-game, with your yordle rushing between the chopping station and the oven to fulfil food orders swiftly.

Emotions for XP

Nighttime falls in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, over Knitter's Village. A Yordle interacts with a machine offering a 'Boost' as part of the gameplay, highlighted by the in-game HUD. Progress indicators for the level are visible, showing completion stats for various collectibles. The village is illuminated by soft lights and the blue glow of the machinery, adding to the enchanting ambiance of this fantasy setting. Published on: LadiesGamers
Party time

Every action you do in Bandle Tales earns you some Emotions (XP); once the Emotion Obs are full, you sleep in your bed, which takes a second to do. The Emotion Orbs are then converted into skill points as you sleep.

However, there is a catch: the more you do a certain task repeatedly at one time, the fewer Emotion points you earn from it. Though not earning Emotion points does push you to vary your activities in the game, that way, you are always doing something different.

Skill Tree

A screenshot of the skill tree from Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, highlighting the 'Engineering' branch. Skills such as 'Repair Multitool,' 'Wood Upcycling,' and 'Mineral Gathering' are shown, with accompanying icons depicting tools, upcycled wood, and minerals respectively. The interface is set against a parchment-like background, showcasing the game's strategy elements and skill progression system. Published on: LadiesGamers
Skill tree

The points you collect are then used to open advanced skills on the skill tree. The skill tree in Bandle Tales has three tabs: Knitting for magic abilities, home upgrades, and festivals; Engineering for tools, equipment, and furniture upgrades; and Nature for gathering, hunting, and cooking skills. I like the skill trees, though the game doesn’t always tell you which skills you need to unlock and when.

A Couple of Niggles

Map interface from Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, showcasing Bandle Center with various locations like Abandoned Campus, Old Knitters' Campus, and Dr. Nestor's Hideout marked with icons. The player's inventory is visible on the right, displaying items such as Motion Aura, Precision Aura, and Upcycle Aura, along with quantities of resources like Leaf, Glowana, and Firefly. The map features a top-down view of the in-game world, detailed with paths and landmarks, allowing for navigation and strategic planning. Published on: LadiesGamers
A helpful map shows you where everyone is and where all the resources can be found.

In between serving yordles food and throwing parties for them, you’ll complete quests to advance to the storyline. One of the two niggles I have about Bandle Tale is its quest system can be a bit awkward. In the middle of the game, most quests lead to another one, so you have to finish B quest before you can do A. Sometimes, it’s unclear why you can’t move forward on a quest. It’s a minor annoyance, but it’s noticeable in a game that’s otherwise excellently put together and pretty polished.

My second niggle is the lack of a decent tutorial in the game, meaning I’ve spent a good amount of my time just figuring out how to play it. While I’m not a fan of games that hold your hands, I do appreciate a little guidance in the right direction.

Play At Your Own Pace

A character named Hook in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends stands on a rustic path surrounded by vibrant autumnal trees, addressing the player with the dialogue, "So you're not here for the show?" The game scene is set in an outdoor area with fall-colored foliage, characteristic rocky outcrops, and a festive atmosphere, hinted at by decorations and an audience gathered around a stage in the background. The player's Yordle character stands at the center of the interaction. Published on: LadiesGamers
Speak to all the NPCs

Bandle Tale doesn’t have a traditional day-and-night timeline, but the bonus is it lets you play at your own pace. There isn’t any combat either, just lots of crafting, gathering and quests.

If you don’t like those activities in a game, then Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story isn’t for you. However, what really resonated with me about the gameplay loop is its simplicity and the way it encourages you to engage in various tasks; doing one task always leads to another task.

Visuals and Music

A character named Waltz in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends muses, "Magic instruments are just not gonna work without the magic," standing on a cliffside with lush pink foliage and a serene river running below. The scene captures a twilight setting, with the environment bathed in a soft purple hue, suggesting an evening of magical exploration. The player's Yordle character is visible, engaging with Waltz and the environment that is rich with fantasy elements. Published on: LadiesGamers
The pixel art visuals are beautiful and vibrant.

The game’s pixel art visuals are beautiful and vibrant; everything feels so alive, particularly the characters. While I haven’t played League of Legends, I can see how well the art captures the whimsical nature of the yordles, and it stays faithful to their unique appearances.

The visuals and the lovely music greatly enhance the cosy atmosphere of the game. While the storyline cutscenes are the only part of the game that is voice-acted, there is plenty of humour in the writing, and I’ve had some laugh-out-loud moments while running around Bandle City.

Inside a cozy, wooden interior in Bandle Tale: A League of Legends, a Yordle character stands amidst interactive elements marked with blue icons, indicating in-game tasks like 'Admission Exam' and 'Repair Flask Workbench.' The room is warmly lit and furnished with shelves filled with books and potions, reflecting the game's magical and academic setting. This snapshot from the 'Home' base suggests a point of respite and preparation for the Yordle's adventures. Published on: LadiesGamers
Inside the backpack home, which you can customise

Conclusion: Cosyness in Bundles

In Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story, there’s always a task to tackle, keeping gameplay engaging with constant goals and amusing conversations. Although it relies heavily on fetch quests, Bandle Tale’s progression layers and delightful dialogue guarantee it stays captivating and cosy throughout.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Up  Two thumbs up

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