Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers

Bear and Breakfast All Story Quests Walkthrough

Bear and Breakfast is a hotel management simulation game. You play as a bear named Hank who is trying to bring humans back to the woods.

How to Play Bear and Breakfast

In order to get started, players will need to first learn the controls. These will be different when Bear and Breakfast is released on the Switch later this year, so these only include the PC controls.

  • Walking: WASD
  • Interact: E
  • Inventory: I
  • Zoom in/out: Mouse wheel
  • Character Screen: C
  • Quest Log (locked): L
  • Build Mode (locked): B
  • Cabin Manager (locked): G
  • Map (locked): M
  • Tutorial: O
  • Quick Save: F5
  • Quick Load: F9
  • Pan When Building: WASD
  • Delete Objects When Building: DELETE
  • Rotate Objects When Building: R
  • Move Through Dialogue: Space
  • Dialogue History: Left Shift
  • Skip Cut Scenes: X
  • The Hank-in-a-Spider-Web Button: There is a little button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen with Hank in a spider web. Use this button if Hank gets caught on some geometry in the game you are stuck.

All Story Quests – The First Story Quests

Head south from Hanks’ bedroom. The only open door will be the one to the left; take it and have a chat with Hank’s mom, Margaret. She will ask Hank to wake Anni and Will; head back into the hallway and enter the previously locked door to the right. Chat with the small bird Will and everyone will then head outside. Players can interact with anything with an eye icon over it for more lore.

Look for Margaret to the south of the house by the massive moose statue. She will give Hank Collectible Trinket: Notebook for Quest Tracking, which unlocks H on the keyboard.

  • Down the Blackmoss Hole – Head southeast to the next screen. This is Blackmoss North, and players are looking for Alligator Weed.
  • A Bunch of See You LaterComplete this quest by picking up the sparkling plant in Blackmoss. A cutscene will play.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
How to complete the A Bunch of See You Later quest.
  • Follow Your FriendsThe team hears a noise coming from the east. Head to Timber Crossing to see what all the fuss is about.
  • A Strange NoiseLook for the Shark Statue named Fin and interact with it.
  • A Creep of Faith – Push Fin’s green button to start Hank on his journey to become a successful Bed and Breakfast owner.
  • Sawdust Wanderlust – Head west from Fin in Timber Crossing to Sawdust.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Tony the Beaver lives in Sawdust.
  • A Little Help – Look for Tony the beaver. His home is directly west of the entrance to this part of the map. Just follow the road that heads straight west. Once you find him, ask Tony to help you out with fixing up the shack in order to make it habitable for humans.
  • Help the Little Help – Tony will ask for 5x Plywood. This wood can be found in yellow bundles all around Tony’s place. Pick them up until Hank has at least five in his inventory, then head back to Tony.
  • Follow the Tail – Head back to Timber Crossing.
  • Cleaning Up the Shed – Head into the Dinky Shed in Timber Crossing and pick up all the debris inside; once Hank has cleaned the whole building up, the blue question mark over Tony’s head will turn into a green check mark. Head back out to Tony and chat with him again.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
How to fix up a crafting table in Bear and Breakfast.
  • Working the Bench – Gather up at least 3x Pinewood Planks and use them to fix up the workbench. It is just a little to the west of the Dinky Shed. If you are having trouble finding enough planks, head back into Sawdust and pick up more wood piles. Talk to Tony and he will fix up the Dinky Shed to make it habitable. This will unlock some recipes in the Pawn Voyage van for coins and a simple bed recipe.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
How to make a bed.
  • The Bed is Yet to Come – Using the workbench, construct on simple bed using 1x Plywood Plank and
    1x Cotton Sheet. Hank should have the sheet already from picking up the debris inside the Dinky Shed. Build a bed at the workbench, then have yet another chat with the beaver.

All Story Quests – More Timber Crossing Story Quests

  • On the Road – To the east of the Dinky Shed, Hank will find a circle of buses. There will be a human there, and his name is Oliver. He will ask Hank to bring a letter to a woman named Beanie while lives in Sawdust to the west. Sawdust can be accessed by following the road west from the Pawn Voyage truck. Continue north through Sawdust until reaching Tony’s then head directly north to the top of the map and look for a tower. This is Sabine’s house, also known as Beanie. She will give Hank a Collectible Trinket: Compass that will unlock the local map. Press M to see it.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Oliver asks you to find Beanie, a friend that lives in Sawdust.
  • On the Road Again – Head back to Oliver, and he will give Hank Collectible Trinket: Atlas. This will unlock the world map. He will also give Hank a couple of Bus Stops, which are needed to unlock fast travel.
  • The Bus Stop – Oliver will ask Hank to fix up the Bus Stops in the area; in order to fix the one in Timber Crossing to complete this quest, Hank will need 10x Pinewood Planks, 2x Copper Plates, and 2x Iron Nails. It will also require 1x Bus Stop which Oliver will provide. There is a scrap metal pile to the east of Oliver that will contain just about everything you need to complete this quest. Once the bus stop is back in tip-top shape, chat with Oliver again and his Tool Box will unlock. This will contain several items players can purchase with coins, including more Bus Stops for later fast-travel points.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Steal his lunch to give to Took.
  • I Am the Garbage Man – Just north of Oliver is a dumpster with a racoon living in it. This is Took; he has a store filled with decorative objects that will add to the decoration score of each room in Hank’s B&Bs. In order to unlock this store, players need to steal the sandwich next to Oliver in his lunchbox and give it to Took.
  • Repairing the Kiosk – Talk to Took again. He will recommend that Hank fix up the kiosk and will tell him to chat with Tony about it. The beaver will still be standing outside of the Dinky Shed.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Tony will help clean up the Kiosk.
  • Cleaning up the Kiosk – Tony will ask Hank to clean up all the debris inside of the Kiosk.

Story Quest: Fetch Quest, Three Ways

In order to fix up the Kiosk, Tony asks Hank to grab three very specific things. He’ll need:

  • Something to Write With – Check inside of Oliver’s home in Timber Crossing for a pen on a chain. It will be located just north of Oliver’s bed, on a desk along the back wall of the house.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Where to find the Pen on a String.
  • An Old Computer – Head back to Sawdust and look for Beanie’s house again. There will be a metal trash can near the stairs of her tower. The old computer will be there with some iron, copper, and nails.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The trash can where the Old Computer is.
  • Some Human Literature – Hank’s brother Will says he has a book back in his room. Head southwest from Timber Crossing back through Blackmoss and find Hank’s mom’s house. The book will be in the bird and cat’s room on a small table in the bottom right-hand corner.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Human Literature in Bear and Breakfast.

All Story Quests – More Timber Crossing Story Quests Part 2

  • Inauguration – Talk to Took about the completed Kiosk. This will unlock even more items to purchase in Took’s store.
  • What Did I Say? – Hank has finally remembered that everyone forgot to head back and tell their mom what they have been up to. Chat with Anni and the three pals will want to go home to the Thicket. Talking to Margaret will give Hank his first piece of Collectible Clothing: the Trucker’s Hat. This will also unlock the route to A24.
  • Home Improvements – Talk to Fin to get this quest. Get the Dinky Shed to Prestige 2 by adding more furnishings and/or rooms.
  • A Good Shed – Talk to Fin to get this quest. Complete 1 more stay at the Dinky Shed by accessing the front desk and booking another stay.

The next two story quests, Meet and Greet and Bedside Manner Quests, are covered in much more depth Part 2 of the Bear and Breakfast walkthrough. But this is what players need to do to complete them:

  • Bedside Manner – Make a bedroom in the Dinky Shed with a bed.
  • Meet and Greet – Host a guest.

All Story Quests – A24 – Quests for Anton

Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Where to find Anton in A24.
  • Reporting In – Chat with Anton in the northeastern part of A24, at the dump.
  • Rat Pack – Go to Blackmoss South from the entrance in A24. It is located a little bit to the southwest of the entrance from Timber Creek.
  • Find the Rat – Look to the west of the A24 entrance to Blackmoss for a little house deep in the swamp. There, players will meet an alligator witch named Charlotte and her tadpole assistant Twiggy. You will also find the missing rat, Wade, that Anton was looking for. This will unlock Ipswitch’s store in A24. Make sure to pick up as many Charcoal lilies, which will appear on the map and the mini-map as little yellow flowers, as you can; you will need many later on!
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Charcoal Lilies can be found in Blackmoss South.
  • Saving Private Wade – Collect 12x Charcoal Lilies from around the swamp and give them to Charlotte.
  • A Junk Reward – Head back to the Dump at A24 and talk to Anton. This will unlock the dump to Hank’s diving. The dump is a great place for iron nails, metal, and other scrap.

All Story Quests – A24 – The Motel

  • Shark Hunting – Once the “A Good Shed” quest is done in Timber Creek, the shark statue Fin will head south, and Hank can catch up with it there. Interact with the shark and press its green button.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
In order to fix up the Motel in A24, interact with the sign. Tony will let you know what you need.
  • The Marooned Motel – Talk to the construction sign outside of the Motel in A24.
  • Cleaning Up the Motel – Clean up all the debris inside the Motel.
  • Extra Mo’terials – Bring the construction sign enough materials to fix up the Motel for human habitation. It needs 8x Plywood Planks5x Iron Nails, and 5x Stone Bricks. Stone bricks can be found around the edges of the map of A24 in tan-colored piles of stone.
  • Motel Moves – Build a room inside the Motel, then build a front desk. Book a person to a room, ignoring the sanitation number in the guest request. But make sure Hank has at least 135 coins remaining before booking the guest. This will unlock the ability to make a toilet, a sink, and a shower to make a basic bathroom.
How to Build a Bathroom in Bear and Breakfast.
  • Wash Your Step – Make a bathroom. Inside it will need one crappy toilet (made from 1x Plywood Plank, 1x Plastic Board, and 1x Copper Plate), one rusted bathroom sink (3x Copper Plates), and one wooden shower (2x Plywood Planks, 2x Copper Plates, and 1x Rubber Slab). Place all three of these in a bathroom to high enough hygiene score for your first guest. Once done, talk to Fin, and it will unlock the ability to build a bar, which is a special room in Bear and Breakfast.
  • In High Spirits – Fin will then task Hank to build a distillery. This will require a 4×5 room that costs 400 coins. It will also need one of each of the three distillery required items: a bar, a barstool, and a tap. The sturdy wooden bar requires 4x Pinewood Planks, 2x Plywood Planks, and 4x Iron Nails. Next, the barstools need 2x Pinewood Planks, and players will need at least one; the bar can hold up to three of these. Last, build a tap with 1x Copper Plate2x Iron Plates, and 2x Pinewood Planks. Place all of these items into the distillery. This will raise the prestige of the Motel location and also allow players to host guests with the “Barfly” tag. This tag means that the guest expects a bar to be part of the location. This will unlock additional items for purchase at the Pawn Voyage vans.
  • Mo Tell Mo Problems – Complete three more guest stays at the Motel.

All Story Quests – A24 – NPC Quests

Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
This is Gus in A24.
  • Live for the Applause – Have a chat with the possum that hangs out around the western part of A24. His name is Gus, and Hank will want to compliment him. Talk to him again and choose the second option: “Actually, beneath that grubby exterior, I think you’re secretly really nice!” Gus will become irate and leave the area.
  • Barbara’s Calling – Find Barbara in A24 and chat with her.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Where to find the old notebook in A24.
  • Lost and Found – Head directly west from Barbara and look for a little abandoned house on the other side of the parking lot. Inside the house will be a chest that contains the little book that Barbara is looking for. Return it to her, and then Sabine will show up. This will unlock the path to Highlake and Darkgrove.
  • A Medium Length Hike – Travel north from Timber Crossing to find Beanie in Highlake.

All Story Quests – Highlake – The Farmhouse

  • Greatest of All Time – Head North from the Entrance and look for a goat. Her name is Julia, and she will chat with you about the empty house in Highlake.
  • The Big House – Julia will ask Hank to repair the farmhouse.
  • The Familiar Farmhouse – Chat with Fin about the Farmhouse. Interact with the Tony’s construction sign outside to get started on it.
  • Clean Up the Farmhouse – Clean all the debris inside of the Farmhouse.
  • Hay Day – Collect 8x Pinewood Planks, 8x Stone Bricks, 5x Glass Panels, and 7x Iron Nails to get Tony to fix up the house. This will complete the quest “The Big House,” so Hank can head back to Julia and chat with her.
  • Quick Delivery – Head to Darkgrove through western entrance in Sawdust and keep heading west through the dark forest. Hank will eventually come across a little green plant, low to the ground. Grab up this Sage and bring it back to Julia. This will open up the garden for Hank to pick ingredients and will also unlock some recipes for dining rooms and kitchens.

All Story Quests – Darkgrove – Gus

Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
New Recipes can be gotten from the Pawn Voyage vans for coins.
  • Con Cierge – When players head out to Darkgrove for the Sage, they may notice that Gus has made his way there. Ask him what he wants, and he will request an Egg Dippy. Completing this quest unlocks the concierge desk, which means that Gus automatically invite guests to location where it is placed to filled empty rooms for some coins every day.

All Story Quests – Highlake – Part 2

  • Farm to Fork – Using the workbench by the Farmhouse, build a functional dining room for guests. This requires at least one table, one chair, and a buffet. Build this room and fill it with what is needed. This will unlock the kitchen appliances recipes to make food and will also unlock additional recipes from Pawn Voyage and foods from Ipswitch’s store in A24.
  • Fork To Mouth – Build a functional kitchen with the two recipes that Julia gave you: the puny cutting board and the cast iron stove.
  • Farm to Fork (3) – Cook 1 Mashed Potato and 1 Mint Tea and bring them back to Julia. Need to know how to cook? Check out part 2 of our Bear and Breakfast walkthrough.
  • Table Out – Put the Mashed Potatoes and Mint Tea in the Buffet in the dining room of the Farmhouse. Chat with Julia afterwards.
  • The Great Outdoors – Sabine will be across the bridge in Highlake in or near a small building just off the road. Chat with her about building a nice little firepit for the humans to enjoy.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
How to make a campsite in Bear and Breakfast.
  • Out in the Open – Repair the outdoor fire pit area near the Farmhouse. Head back to the campground outside the Farmhouse.
  • Gatherer – Interact with the Tony’s sign outside the firepit location to the east of the Farmhouse. You will need 6x Plywood Planks, 6x Stone Bricks, and 5x Copper Plates.
  • Just Add Fire – Now that the campground is cleaned up and repaired, talk to Sabine again. She will ask for 5x Fuel. This will unlock the items needed to create a campsite at the Farmhouse.
  • Touch Grass – Using the workbench, construct a room in the outdoor space called “Campfire.” It’s a 4×4 minimum and costs 400 coins. It needs at least one campfire, one chair, and one smores station to be complete. After this, head back to Fin.
  • Animal Farm – Now that the Farmhouse is ready, Fin requires that Hank host six guests at the location.
  • Barbara’s Hail – Once “Animal Farm” is complete, Barbara wants to chat with Hank. She’ll ask for soup.
  • Old Appetite – Make Barbara some Mushroom soup; it needs the basic kitchen, mushrooms, onions, and fuel to make.
  • In Stark Contrast – Once Hank is done talking to Barbara about her soup, Julia will come up and ask for something “zesty.” Talk to Sabine about it; she will be located to the west in Highlake. This will open up the path from Timber Crossing to Whitestone Bay and the path to Winterberry from Highlake.

All Story Quests – Winterberry – Part 1

  • Snow Big Deal – Take the path in the northwestern most part of Highlake to Winterberry. Look for Jax and have a chat with him.
  • In the Mountains – Fix up the Ski Cabins.
  • The Chilly Cabins – Talk to Fin about fixing up the cabins. This will trigger the Tony’s construction signs.
  • Cleaning Up the Big Cabin or Cleaning up the Small Cabin – Pick up all the debris and old furniture from whichever building Hank decides to clean up first. These can both be done, but you don’t have to do both.
  • The Big Cabin or The Small Cabin – In order to fix up the big cabin, Hank needs 6x Iron Plates, 10x Pinewood Planks, 4x Mahogany Planks, and 4x Steel Screws. To fix up the small cabin, pick up 6x Iron Plates, 8x Pinewood Planks, and 3x Steel Screws.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Sauna Stone are on the boardwalk in the Whitestone Bay.
  • The Sauna Stones – Jax will ask Hank to grab him a box full of stones from Whitestone Bay. Players can find this in the southeastern-most part of its map.

All Story Quests – Whitestone Bay – Part 1

  • Rat Ta To It – Wade, who is hanging out by the bus stop in Whitestone Bay, will ask for some French Onion Soup. In order to cook this, Hank will need several level 2 kitchen items he won’t have access to just yet.
  • Barbara’s Holler – As soon as Hank crosses over into this new area, Barbara will ask to speak with him.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Lighthouse in Whitestone Bay.
  • Lost Signal – Barbara asks Hank to find the Radio Receiver. It’s located somewhere in Whitestone Bay. This is located on the third floor of the lighthouse. Return it to her.

All Story Quests – Winterberry – Part 2

  • A Hot Reward – After getting the sauna stones for Jax from Whitestone Bay, return to him. He will charge Hank with building a utility room in the Ski Cabins. These need to be at least 2×3 and will cost 340 coins.
  • Creature Comforts – In “A Hot Reward,” Jax gave Hank a recipe for a basic heater. Jax will want Hank to put at least one heater in the room, then fill it with the fuel he gives Hank. This will unlock Jax’s store; it is located right next to Jax’s home in the north of Winterberry. Players can buy fuel there.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
How to fix up the building for the Coming In Live.
  • Coming In Live – After creating a heating room in the Ski Cabins, chat with Jax. He will ask Hank to fix up the Radio Tower. This is located in the west of the Highlake map.
  • Food for Thought – After picking up “Coming in Live,” talk to Jax again. He will give Hank a Lemon for Julia. Then, he can head back to Highlake.
  • Winter Discontent – Now that “The Chilly Cabins” is done, this will unlock more Pawn Voyage recipes, more stuff in Took’s store, and players will need to host 8 guests in Winterberry.

All Story Quests – Highlake – Part 3

  • Cleaning Up the Broadcast Station – In order to make Jax happy, Hank will head back to Highlake. On the western-most part of the map near the path to Winterberry, there is a radio station building. Interact with the Tony’s sign in front of it and it will prompt Hank to clean up the debris inside.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The location of the Record Player in Winterberry.
  • Another One of These – Players need to once again collect three items from around the map in order to fix this place up. If you have been thorough, you probably have most of these already:
    • The Old Antenna Dish can be found by the giant satellite dish in western Highlake.
    • The Microphone is found Whitestone Bay in one of the buildings.
    • The Record Player is in Winterberry, just northwest of the house of the mean looking walrus in the western part of the map.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Took’s store has the two plants you need for this quest.
  • The Greenhouse – Since Jax gave Hank a lemon for Julia, he can head back to her and complete “In Stark Contrast.” She will want to fix up the greenhouse in Winterberry, and she will ask hank for some Chamomile, a leafy contract plant, and one small succulent. The Chamomile can be found growing on the ground in Highlake. The other two need to be found in Took’s shop. They each cost 20 valuable items.
  • Winter Garden – Julia will ask Hank to head back to Winterberry and fix up the greenhouse. This will trigger the Tony’s sign in front of it to start a quest.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Wade’s dump cart sends Wade to clean valuable items from each site it is placed in.
  • Finishing up the Greenhouse will unlock a boat-load of new recipes and level 2 kitchen items. This will allow players to cook the French Onion Soup for Wade and complete “Rat Ta To It.”

All Story Quests – Winterberry – Part 3

  • Cleaning Up the Greenhouse – Get all the debris out of the greenhouse (located north and a little east of the bus stop).
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The location of the Seeds.
  • Bear Fruit – In order to fix up the Greenhouse, Hank will need 10x Glass Panels, 8x Stone Bricks, and 1x Bag of Seeds. The Bag of Seeds in a quest item that can only be found in Darkgrove next to the two crashed vehicles in the middle of the map. Interact with the Tony’s sign to fix up the building. This will then become the best place for Hank to pick up ingredients for cooking.
  • Don’t forget to also chat with Jax now that “Coming In Live” is all done. He will unlock the ability to build movie theatre furnishings for the Ski Cabins.
  • Help the Old Lady – Jax will ask Hank to check on Barbara in Highlake. She will then open the gate to Pinefall.

All Story Quests – The Diner

  • Diner Dash – Chat with Ipswitch in A24, and he will ask you to restore the diner that is just east of the Motel.
  • Cleaning the Diner – Get all the debris out of the diner.
  • Greedy Ingredients – In order to fix up the diner, Hank needs 10x Porcelain Chunks, 8x Copper Plates, and 5x Glass Panels.

All Story Quests – Pinefall

  • Pinecall – Follow Barbara from Highlake to Pinefall. Once in Pinefall, a new item will be unlocked from Oliver’s Shop.
  • Where the Pine Trees Fall – Find Barbara in Pinefall and talk to her.
  • Grand Designs – Barbara will ask Hank to talk with Fin about rebuilding the B&Bs in Pinefall.
  • Fixer Upper – Fin charges Hank to clean up one of the cabins.
  • Cleaning Up the Western Cabin or Cleaning Up the Eastern Cabin or Cleaning Up the Southern Cabin – Hank needs to clean up at least one of the three cabins in Pinefall. Get all the debris out of the chosen building.
  • Westward – Fixing up the Western Cabin called for 20x Plywood Planks, 12x Pinewood Planks, 8x Mahogany Planks, and 8x Steel Plates.
  • Eastward – To fix up the Eastern Cabin, Hank needs 8x Mahogany Planks, 15x Pinewood Planks, and 8x Iron Plates.
  • Going South – In order to fix up the southern cabin, Hank needs 8x Plywood Planks, 20x Pinewood Planks, 12x Porcelain Chunks, and 8x Iron Plates.
  • The First Cabin – Talk to Fin to finished up “Fixer Upper,” then chat with Barbara. This will unlock new recipes from Julia, new furniture recipes from Pawn Voyage, and a Level 5 bed recipe.
  • The Second Cabin – Fix up a second cabin, then talk to Barbara again.
  • The Third Cabin – Fix up the last cabin, then talk to Barbara again.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Unpolished Steel will be turned into a museum item in Bear and Breakfast.
  • Window Dressing – Barbara will give you a piece of unpolished metal and task you to bring it to Ipswitch in A24.
  • Al Fresco – Interact with the Tony’s construction sign outside of the campsite in the center of the three Pinefall cabins. This will require 6x Mahogany Planks, 10x Pinewood Planks, 5x Porcelain Chunks, and 5x Iron Plates. This will unlock some more furniture recipe in the Pawn Voyage truck.
  • Head First – Talk to Fin; host 10 people in Pinefall.
  • Ready to Work – Fin has asked for more entertainment. Talk to Oliver about some video games.
  • I Can Do That – Oliver can help, but he needs some discs. The silver disc is under the bridge in Pinefall. Bring it back to him and unlock the items needed to build an arcade in Pinefall.

The Museum in Pinefall – All Quests Part 1

  • Unpolished Steel – Take the metal that Barbara gave you to Ipswitch in A24. He will task you to head to Blackmoss and talk to Charlotte.
  • Steal Your Heart – Charlotte will help you with your artefact, but first you have to bring her 50x Charcoal Lilies. The flowers can be found all over the southern part of the swamp, in the caves in Darkgrove, and in Ipswitch’s store.
  • What a Bargain – Bring the feather back to Barbara.
  • Walk the Walk – Build a museum in Pinefall. These rooms need to be 5×5 and cost at least 2500 coins; they require at least one stand with an item on it.
  • It Only Takes One – Interact with the stand and place the Museum Collectible Item: Steel Feather on it. Return to Barbara.

The Late Game Bear and Breakfast Quests

  • Bodega – A24, Ipswitch’s Store. Cook one Spinach Stromboli and bring it back to Ipswitch.
  • Stumble Upon – After giving Ipswitch the Stromboli, he will ask you to meet him in Pinefall. Head to Pinefall and go directly west from the bus stop and a little south to the bridge. Ipswitch will be there. This will unlock more items in his store, like silk sheets and mahogany planks, as well as a new location for his store.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Ipswitch’s Store in A24.
  • Say Cheesecake – Highlake, by the Farmhouse. Cook Julia 1x Sous Vide Cheesecake. This will unlock Julia’s Cooking Station, which allows Hank to hire Julia to cook at locations with kitchens for coins.
  • Fired Up – Winterberry, Jax’s home. Cook 3x Peach Schnaps for Jax. This will unlock the ability to hire Jax to keep properties heated.
  • A Whiteout – Build a level 2 utility room in Winterberry. Reward: 800 coins.
  • Be Happy To – Bring Oliver a gold disc from the Beachside for more arcade unlockables from Oliver and Pawn Voyage.
  • The Great Fall – Pinefall, Barbara’s Home. Barbara asks for Hank to collect 50,000 coins and give them to her.

Lighthouse Bear and Breakfast Quests

After giving Barbara the 50,000 coins, there will be a set of quests at the Lighthouse.

Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
Where to find the Lens in Beachside.
  • Better To See You With – Talk to Barbara. She will send you to get the giant lens from Beachside to fix the Lighthouse in Whitestone Bay. There will be a closed off section along the beach that Barbara will provide a crowbar to get into. Head back to Barbara in her home; she will ask you to head to the Lighthouse again
  • Cleaning Out the Lighthouse – Interact with the Tony’s sign outside of lighthouse. It will ask Hank to clean up the inside.
  • Bring to Light – With the 1x Giant Lens, Hank will also need 10x Mahogany Planks, 10x Steel Plates, and 10x Electronics to fix up the lighthouse. This will trigger one of the cutest, funniest little cut scenes in the game. Head back to Barbara to tell her about your success.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
And the Lighthouse is on!
  • Girl Gone – Barbara appears to be missing. Head to Oliver in Timber Crossing to see if she took the bus.
  • Missed Connection – Head to Sawdust and chat with Sabine to see if she’s seen the old lady. Sabine saw her heading to the beach; fast travel to Whitestone Bay and head down to the beach. Look for her on the dock.

All Story Quests – Winterberry – Part 4

  • Old Soul – After the cutscenes, head to Winterberry and talk to Jax.
  • Spill the Beans – Talk to Cian in the west of Winterberry.
  • Doing Time – Cook up some warming 3x Hearty Soup for Cian.
  • Gospel – Give Cian the soup and they will send you back to the Bay to talk to the bats.
  • Little Treats – Bring the bats some 3x Peach Cobbler. They will charge you to head to the Darkgrove caverns. Players will need to bring a Prospector’s Gear with them.

All Story Quests- Darkgrove Caves

Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Flight is located here, in the Bay.
  • The Honest Truth – There will be a collection of red feathers by the entrance to the Darkgrove Cave. Pick them up and bring them back to the Flight of bats. They will give you a key. Use it to unlock the Suspicious Door inside the Darkgrove Caves.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Key unlocks this suspicious door inside the caves.
  • Hard Bargain – Vlad will ask for 3x Snappy Beet Chips. Grab the key in the chest next to him. Give him the chips, then head back to the Flight to tell them what you learned.

All Story Quests – The End

  • Word of Mouth – Talk to Hank’s Mom in the Thicket.
  • Cat Missing Bag – She will ask for 1x Spicy Linden Tea. She will give you the Onyx Key to unlock the door in the Darkgrove Caverns. Use it an talk to Eris over and over until you run out of conversation prompts. Players will get an iron key for the last door and a stone.
Bear and Breakfast Walkthrough Ladies Gamers
The Onyx Sliver opens this door.
  • The Onyx Stone – Talk to Oliver back in Timer Crossing.
  • At the Crack of Fawn – Buy a Jeweler’s Kit from Oliver’s store for 9500 Coins. Head to the northeastern-most part of Highlake and use it. Talk to Kai until he leaves.

And that’s the end of Bear and Breakfast. You can continue to play if you want clean up any unfinished quests.

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