Beginners Guide Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a big game, and it can be a little overwhelming when you start the game. Especially if you’re not used to playing open-world Adventure games.

We have come up with some tips to help you along on your adventure through the Golden Isles. There are quite a lot of controls to remember, so let’s take a look at what they are.

Pick Your Difficulty

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide LadiesGamers
Pick you difficulty

When you start the game you get a choice of difficulty settings to pick. Pick the one that suits your play style the best. The good thing is if you do pick the wrong option in the difficulty settings you can change it during the game. So, if you find the combat to hard on Normal difficulty drop the  setting down to the next one.

The Basic Controls

This one is simple enough, Press the A button to make Fynex crouch. 
Hide in bushes by crouching, a little gold eye appears above your health bar to indicate you can’t be seen.

Jump and Fly
You press the B button to have Fenyx jump, hold for a higher jump. 
Once Fenyx has jumped you press A to make her fly. After leaving the starting island you will get better wings.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
About to fly

When flying you can press and hold the A button to dive down and press the A button when flying to drop to the ground. If you do drop out of the sky because you didn’t keep an eye on your stamina bar, keeping Fenyx wings extended will get you a slightly softer landing.

Dash, Swim and Sprint

To dash in water press the Y button, to swim down press A and press B to swim up. The Y button is also used to Sprint and by holding the Y button, Fenyx will run faster and use up their stamina. Pressing the X button and holding it will call your horse if you have caught one.

Save Often

While the game does save automatically it’s always advisable to manually save the game yourself. Especially before and after completing a Vault or a Boss fight.

Map Icon, What do they Mean?

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers

Map Icons

Once you get the full map you can use far-sight to spot things of interest. It’s not long until your map is full of little icons. I don’t think the icons are well explained in the game so that’s what we are going to do in this section. Climb to an advantage point to see better and press the R stick in to start Far-sight.

Myth Challenges Icons

There are several types of Myth Challenges to find and complete in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and each one rewards you with Coins of Charon, resources and a nice bit of lore from Zeus, Prometheus and Daidalos.

Constellation Challenges  Icon Gold <: 

Constellation challenges are puzzles where you have to locate a few orbs in the same vicinity and place them into a constellation puzzle in the right order.

Fresco Challenges  Icon Blue and Yellow ^ shape 

Fresco challenges are puzzles where you have to re-arrange the tiles into the correct order to show the picture. Walk into the side of the tiles you want to push to rearrange them. You will know when you have completed the fresco, as the tiles will all glow golden and lock in place.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide LadiesGamers
Big Lyre

Lyre Challenges  Icon in the shape of a gold harp, small Lyre a gold note.

In Lyre challenges, when you check the glows in front of the big Lyre,  it’s an indication of how many small Lyre’s are in the area you have to find. Once you find the smaller Lyre’s press the Play button.

You will see each string of the Lyre light up in a specific order. Go to the Big Lyre in the same region and strike the strings in the same order with one of your weapons. You will know when you have played the tune correctly on the Lyre, as it will play the tune back to you.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Small Lyre

Navigation Challenges Icon is a gold winged shoe

Navigation challenges are timed puzzles. You stand on the starting pad and you must reach the final golden column before the time runs out. Each challenge is difference and you will need to use any combination of running, jumping and gliding to make it there in time. 

Odysseus Challenges Icon of a gold bow and arrow

In Odysseus challenges, you stand on the pad and shoot and guide Apollo’s arrows through each hoop to light a fire at the end.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
A Vault

Vaults of Tartaros Icon looks like volcano

Vaults of Tartaros are the equivalent to a dungeon with a puzzle. Completing the dungeon will earn you Zeus’ lightning bolts to increase your stamina. Vaults show up on the map in different colours, depending on if they are fully completed or not.

  • Red = Untouched Vault
  • Yellow = Puzzle in the Vault  is complete but treasure chest remains unopened.
  • No Colour = Fully completed Vault, chest found and puzzle completed.

You can leave a Vault at anytime by returning to the glowing gold column at the start of the dungeon. If you want to return to an uncompleted Vault, just hop back in. You can also fast travel to Vaults on the map, which is great for covering long distances quickly.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
A half completed vault

Main Quests Icon Blue Cross or Blue ?

Fenyx will complete many quests on the Golden Isles, not all quests will liberate the gods. But you will receive rewards worthy of your time.

Hermes Heroic Tasks Icon Blue Swirl

You can pick up some Heroic quests of the board in the Hall of Gods. Once completed you’ll earn rewards.

Story Quest Icon is yellow, black and round

Following the story quest icons on the map and going to the places pin-pointed by the icon will continue the Immortals Fenyx Rising main story line.

 Icon a multi coloured v

You use Ambrosia to upgrade your stamina bar, Ambrosia can be found out in the open. Stamina is one of the things you should upgrade first. As increasing you stamina let’s you climb for longer, fly and fight for longer to.

Compass Line
The gold line at the top of the screen is your compass. When you use far-sight and pick out a place to visit on the map. As you move to that particular place the compass will guide you. It counts down the distance to where you have picked to go and makes it easier to find a the place you want to visit. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
You base, Hall of the Gods

Hall of Gods Icon on map is the Hall of Gods

You will have a central hub in the game where all the gods you save will congregate. This is also the area where you will upgrade your character, potions, skills, stamina, health, and more. Make sure to come back and visit often to keep your character up to date on upgrades.

Cauldron of Circe Icon on map little purple jar

To make potions you use the Cauldron of Circe. There is a cauldron in your base, the Hall of the Gods which you can use when you return to the hall. Out in the open you can find Cauldron of Circe to make potions at when your out exploring and you have the right ingredients.

All of the map icons can be toggled on and off in the settings  off the game. If you don’t like the map to be covered in all available icons you can turn some off. But be warned, you then run the risk of missing something that could be an important point of interest in the map. The choice is yours!

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Inside the hall of gods

Inside the Hall of Gods

River Styx Cistern

The River Styx cistern is a pedestal in the Hall of Gods which you use to upgrade you skills and Godly powers.

Bench Of Zeus

The bench of Zeus is in the Hall of the Gods and you use it to increase your stamina with Zeus Lighting you have collected from completing Vaults.

Kylix Of Athena 

The Kylix of Athena is in the Hall of the Gods and this is where you can upgrade your health bar using Ambrosia you have collected.

Forge Of Hephaistos

The forge can be found in the Hall of Gods, at the forge you can upgrade your equipment and carrying capacity. You use Adamantine shards which are found in chests and as a reward for completing quests.

Combat and More

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Oh oh danger!

Combat Tips and More

Enemies have two types of bars to watch for in Immortals Fenyx Rising. One is the usual health bar, (top red bar) and the other is a stun damage bar (bottom yellow bar).

Two Weapons Equipped 

You have two weapons, the Axe of Atlanta for heavy attacks and Sword of Achilles for light attacks. You use your Sword by pressing the R shoulder button and to use your Axe you press the ZR button. You need to press each button continuously  to wail your sword or axe on an enemy.

Using your sword for light attacks, and every three consecutive hits will trigger a combo. This deals extra damage and refills a stamina chunk of the stamina meter. The axe also has a combo, after two consecutive hits. It works in much the same way as the sword combo.

Stun Bar

The stun bar indicates how much damage the enemy needs to be stunned. This is achieved by using your axe to combat the enemy, god powers, or throwing objects. Use ZR for heavy attack or to throw an object Fenyx is carrying.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Stunned enemy

When you do stun an enemy ( Gold sparkles above their head) you have a great opportunity to deal a ton of damage without being attacked by them. When this happens use your light attack,  to hit them quickly by pressing the R shoulder button. Or you can use both of those attacks in quick succession to land powerful attacks. You also regenerate stamina when you use your sword so that’s handy.

Lock On 

Press the R stick in to lock-on to an enemy during combat. Once and enemy is killed the target will automatically Switch to the nearest enemy.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide LadiesGamers

Dodge and Parry

The dodging mechanic in Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the most useful tools in combat and it does not require stamina to use. Press Y to dodge at the right time incoming attacks, a perfectly timed Dodge will also slow time. This gives you time to land a heavy blow or two to the enemy.

To parry an attack you press the L & R shoulder buttons together. Fenyx will twirl their sword to counter the enemies attack and increase the stun bar a little. Use parry combined with a quick dodge to make yourself one of the most difficult beings for an enemy to take down.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide LadiesGamers

Combo meter ( small meter about enemy health bar)

The combo meter is a great and indirect way to provide a small damage boost in combat. The higher the combo tier you get, the more of a damage bonus you receive. Combine god powers, stamina and usage and avoid damage to hit those high tiers to bring tough enemies to defeat.

Bow and Arrow

Use your bow of Odysseus to hit enemies that are flying, or that you generally don’t want to get too close to. Press ZL to aim, and then click ZR to release a quick shot. You can also hold ZR to charge up a more powerful shot. Press the R shoulder button shoot a Apollo’s Arrow and guide it.

You can upgrade all weapons and find different variants of the sword, axe, and bows that will grant you various buffs and bonuses. You can upgrade your gear at the Forge of Hephaistos in the Hall of Gods.

You need Adamantine Shards of various colours to upgrade your sword, axe, and bow damage. You can also upgrade your armour, helmet, number of arrows, and number of potions you can hold with different coloured shards.

Adamantine Shards can be gained by killing enemies and can also be found in large crystals across the Golden Isles.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Ability screen

God Powers.

Your God Powers are great for doing a lot of damage, but they also have some other uses outside combat. Explore around with them as you obtain them, and see what they can do.

To unlock new abilities and upgrades, you’ll need to visit the Hall of the Gods. Using  the River Styx Cistern you can unlock new abilities.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Cauldron of Circe

Plants for Potions

It’s a pretty good idea to grab every plant you come across in Immortals. The purple and yellow plants make attack/defence potions. Pomegranates are used to make Health potions, you can eat them individually but they don’t heal as many health bars as a potion does. 

Cut down bushes with your sword and you can sometimes find plants hidden in the bushes. You can unlock a Telekinetic Gathering skill, which will let you collect multiple plants at once in an area of effect. That’s especially helpful for getting Pomegranates out of trees. Before you get that, just whack the tree with your Axe and the fruit will fall.

Immortals Fenyx Rising guide. LadiesGamers
Plants to pick

To brew potions you either find a Cauldron of Circe out in the open or return to the Hall of Gods and use the Cauldron there to brew your potions. To use your potions when your on the go, you press the appropriate direction button on the D-Pad.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide LadiesGamers
Making potions

Herakles Strength

You get this ability early in the game, use it to pick up and throw rocks at enemies. If you tap the L shoulder button anything that can be grabbed in the vicinity of Fenyx will glow.  If an enemy lifts a rock of the ground and throws it at you, you can snatch it out of the air if you’re fast enough and throw it back.

Immortals Fenyx Rising LadiesGamers
Throwing a rock at an enemy

Typhon Wraiths Attacks

At times out in the open when Fenyx is exploring Typhon will get angry and send one of his Wraiths your way. The world around you turns red and stormy, and a miniboss  appears out of nowhere.  If you try to run, it’ll hunt you down and the storm will continue. But you can keep running if you’re in a hurry, especially if you have a horse handy. It takes quite a while, but Typhon eventually gets the hint and goes away. You can also high tail it back to the Hall of Gods and hide there.

Catch a Horse

You can catch a horse or deer and use it as a mount to get around the Golden Isles. It’s pretty simple to catch a horse, sneak up on it and press the X button and hey presto you have caught your horse. The horse stays in your inventory and to get your horse out to use it you press and hold the X button. The horse will magically appear under Fenyx and off you gallop.


Since Immortals Fenyx Rising is an open world adventure, once you finish the starting island you’re on your own. You can pick places on the map to visit using Far-sight and go and explore. If you want you can continue the story by following the quest icons on the map. Or you can complete some Vaults and gain extra powers. It’s your choice what way you want to continue the game once you have left the starting island.

Increasing your powers, increasing your stamina, they are all things you can start to do once you leave the starting island. I go for stamina first as well as increasing my powers, as these are important features and as the game progresses you will need more stamina. Increasing your health bar can take a back seat for a while, after all you can brew potions with the pomegranate you find and use it to heal.

Get out there and explore the world of the Golden Isles, you never know what you might find. Most important of all: just have fun and enjoy this fantastic game to its fullest.


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