Best 3DS Game of 2014

It seems that when you get older, time passes more quickly. At least, that’s how it feels to me. Somehow the end of 2014 has snuck up on me again, when I wasn’t looking. Remember when you were a teen, and you couldn’t wait to be 18, because then the whole world would open up for you? Trust me, by now I’m trying to hold onto the years that slip by so easily. So now I’m sitting here, wanting to write about which 3DS games were my absolute favorites in 2014, and I just can’t remember when exactly I played them. Was it still 2013 then, or does the game belong on this list? Having three different region DS’s doesn’t help either, as some games like Disney Magical World and Rune Factory 4 where released in the US in 2013, but they have only recently been released in Europe.

Quite an impressive list that was released this year! I still remember buying the 3DS, and hoping that some good games would reach us soon, as the launch list was a bit of a downer. But I don’t remember having times this year when I just couldn’t think of a game to play. Seems I always had a number of games that I played simultaneously. A lot of eagerly awaited games for a lot of Nintendo fans, like Super Smash Bros and Pokemon ORAS. The more quirky titles that enjoyed some success too, like Tomodachi Life. A great new RPG game, that will be a great new series of games to follow, Bravely Default. Although there were some Persona games on the PS Vita, we finally saw the first one on the 3DS, Persona Q. Old favorites returned, with a Kirby and a Yoshi game. Really, too many to mention! But before I ramble on about my favorites, I’m curious to hear what your favorite ones were, so I included a poll.

So, how to go about this? I used a list on the internet as basic list of 3DS games for 2014, and added games to it that I enjoyed very much but which weren’t listed. eShop titles aren’t included, I’ll make a separate poll for those! Plus, if a game was released in a new region, it’s added too. Now I don’t think that you all love the same games that I do, so if your best ever game for 2014 isn’t on the list, just add it to the poll! I’m curious to see what everyone enters as THE 3DS Game of 2014!


    1. I know, hard to choose eh? That’s why I’ll make a separate one for eShop downloadable only games. A bit more chance for the little ones! Thanks for voting!

  1. Difficult to say….it was either PLvPW or ORAS for me. ORAS reintroduced Hoenn and brought in new features to the game but PLvPW was a good crossover with high quality animation and gameplay. It can go either way but I’ll give it to the good professor and laywer

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