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Best of 2022: Lynne’s Choice

As 2022 draws to an end, it’s time to look back at my gaming year. What makes a ‘Best of’ game? Obviously, this is very subjective; we are all individuals with our own unique likes and dislikes. For me, great games need to be entertaining and take me on a journey of discovery. They need to make me keep playing – either because of replayability or because there is so much to discover. But to be the ‘Best of’, they need more than that. They need to evoke something in me: a feeling, a thought, a memory.

It’s been a hard process to select my ‘Best of 2022’ games, but in no particular order, here goes.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Best of 2022 Lynne
All of the Star Wars episodes.

I was in two minds about getting LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. I’d played Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga many years ago, did I want to replay it? But then, this new version had the last three episodes, so there would be more content. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed playing all the LEGO games in that Wii/Wii U era, so I decided to give it a go.

On starting the game, I was totally bamboozled – it wasn’t anything like I expected. Where was the Mos Eisley Cantina hub world? It looked so complicated. Was I going to regret my decision to buy this game?

I’ll admit playing through the first few levels was hard. Eventually, once I got used to changing characters and navigating the vast menu, I started to enjoy it. All the traditional LEGO humour filled my screen, and there were so many things to collect. Now that’s my happy space.

This is a massive game – the nine episodes, each with five levels, will take around 15-20 hours to complete. If you want to collect all the characters, Minikits, data cards and Kyber Bricks, then set aside 80+ hours. Of course, if you just like LEGO and/or Star Wars, there is endless fun replaying levels and watching the LEGO interpretation of those classic scenes.

What this game reminded me of was that ‘change happens. It can be a little bit scary but give it a go; the ‘new’ might be better than the ‘old’!

Paula reviewed the game back in April and also gave us her thoughts on LEGO games in general. For a trip down memory lane, Yvonne shared her experiences of seeing Star Wars back in 1977 and 2015.


Best of 2022 Lynne
My farm in Ooblets.

When I first saw some gameplay of Ooblets, I thought it was really weird. It seemed you have to play as a character who was limbo-dancing around the screen. I realise now that I caught just a tiny glimpse of play following a dance battle. Your character doesn’t lurch back and forth all the time but walks/runs/wobbles in keeping with the game’s dancing vibes.

I was so eager to play Ooblets that I pre-ordered it (the first time I’d done this for a digital download). Apart from being a cute farming simulation, I could run my own shop, battle adorable creatures via a dancing card game and hear some words of wisdom from the NPCs.

Yvonne reviewed the game and liked it enough to create a beginner’s guide for it. The guide definitely helped me understand the ‘hype’ and ‘fluster’ involved in dance battles.

I have spent many hours tending my ooblet farm and dancing with all the different ooblets. After 165 game days, I managed to get all the ooblets (common, unusual and gleamy) – it was tough going for the last few, as you can only use the ‘Puffed Disrupt’ card once a day, but I persevered. It was disappointing, though, not to get any acknowledgement from Mayor Tinstle or Rugnolia.

I need to learn not to have an expectation; you are not always going to get praise for amazing achievements.


Best of 2022 Lynne
A journey through memories.

Moncage will always have a special place in my heart – it’s the first game I reviewed for LadiesGamers, and what a delight.

I will never forget that moment of sheer amazement when I realised how the puzzles worked. How I marvelled at the creative genius of the developers. I know it had its frustrations and niggles, but what game doesn’t. However, for a brief instant, I was taken back to a childhood full of magic and wonder. It reminded me that things aren’t always as they appear.

Kukoos: Lost Pets

Best of 2022 Lynne
K and Petri.

My last game is Kukoos: Lost Pets; not only is it my first ‘Two Thumbs Up’ review, but it made me think of the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”, or in this case, “don’t judge a game by its genre”.

Platforming is not my strong point, so I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this game. However, if I’d have stayed in my comfort zone, I would have missed out on a real treat. It’s more than just a platformer – there is a story with a moral, hidden collectables and secret areas, a train, a helicopter, a galleon and rotating doors to get stuck in. What more could you want?

It might have taken me four attempts to get through the tutorial, and my gaming buddy rushed to my assistance in the final battle, but I really enjoyed playing the game. Definitely, a highlight to end the year on.

I hope you have played some great games in 2022, and thanks for reading LadiesGamers.



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