Big update Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

With Lottie and her bats gone, it’s time for a big update in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Nintendo has added lots of stuff to keep us interested in the mobile game.

As promised, the ability to dress up your campers is now here. You’ll need to hit a specific friendship level with each villager and have them at your campsite so you can be the best Camp Manager/Fashion Stylist out there. (Grace, eat your heart out!!)

Do you ever visit OK Motors? I don’t, for me the new paint jobs aren’t very enticing. From now on I’ll have to visit the penguins though. There’s a new minigame at their garage called Brake Tapper. If you line up the images “correctly” (specific order or theme), you’ll earn prizes. Some items are only available through Brake Tapper, like the gold statue of Giovanni shown in the announcement.

But wait, there’s more 😜

You can now place two rugs on your campsite grounds and asking up to ten friends at once for help with Shovelstrike Quarry. Well finally I say, asking for help one at a time was very annoying.

My interest was peaked at a new method of adding friends to the game. If you and your friend are close to one another, you can send a “tune” to them. Once accepting the tune, you’ll be friends in game!

Just tried it here in my commuter train, but it doesn’t work like streetpass does. I had hoped it would alert all people playing in the vicinity but you have to be close together to try. And you have to actively want to add each other. So it will only work with your real friends in the same room.

Lastly, you’ll find some goodies in your mailbox. For Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a chocolate heart furniture item. And as a thank you for the wait during the technical downtime yesterday, 20 Leaf Tickets have been sent to all players’ mailboxes.


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