Big update coming for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

They sure come in fast and furious! If you follow my site you know about mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, there’s no way you could have missed that. Ever since release last November the game has had a lot of media attention. Normally, these games for smartphone see a spike in users, which then dies down to more normal usage, as the people who are attracted to the new-ness in the first place start to leave it. With Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, it might be more difficult to stay away though.

True, what we got at the very beginning was a strongly watered down version of the mainstream Animal Crossing games. Getting to know the animals, meeting their demands, inviting them to your campground and collecting furniture was the main attraction.  But by the time I felt as if it got a bit boring, snow started covering the ground and the Christmas event was there. Enticing me to come back and collect candy canes so I could order all the Jingle furniture and collect it’s accessories.

Once that was over, there was the New Year’s countdown, with a whole new range of furniture and dresses and such. Another goal to strive for! By that time they added the garden to the game, sowing seeds, growing flowers, watering the buds for friends and cross pollinating to get special hybrids.

The year had started, the New Year’s countdown was over and by then we got Rover the Cat, giving us a new goal. This time the garden got more attention, with new special Dahlia seeds and butterflies to share with your friends. Take a step back here and see what they are doing: it’s barely been 8 weeks since the official release of the game, and see what has been added and adjusted! The development team behind the game really has work cut out for them. Nintendo chose to release the bare bones of a game, and just keeps enriching the experience. And they don’t seem to be taking a rest soon, as the next update is already being made.img_4871

Nintendo has listened to their audience, making it easier to ask for help in Shovelstrike Quarry and improve the use of the Market Box. Gardening will also get a tune-up, and new fish and bugs will be added. Added to that, brand new features are coming our way too. Customizing the terrain in select areas at your campsite and making it possible to place more than one rug to make it more comfortable for the critters.

The best new feature though will be the ability to dress up your villagers in other than the standard clothes, adding accessories as well. I hope by then the feature to craft clothes will open up too, as was promised a while back. One thing is for sure, we won’t have to be bored soon playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!img_0270



    1. They are definitely doing it right, never a dull moment in the game. Gotta find some time to refurbish my campground though, get it ready for spring!

      1. I know what you mean! I’ve been doing the little garden event with Leif, trying to gather all the ladybugs so I can get all the spring items! I love changing my campsite up!

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