Big updates AC Pocket Camp

See, that’s what I love about mobile games: you might be surprised by a nice new update from one day to the next!

First of all, an omission has been corrected: we finally have snow in the game! Part of the fun of the full games like New Leaf and Wild World was that come December 1, it started to snow.

Lightly at first, until the ground was fully covered. Oh, the crunching when you walked on it! I love it ( in the game, that is. Not so much in real life!

Some areas in Pocket Camp have snow now too. No sign of snow men yet though, but that might change too.

And maybe even more important: a big update is coming! Soon we will have a garden added to our campground. Planting flowers, a bit of farming. Maybe the hybrid flowers that you sometimes get are back?

Plus, you can then help friends water the garden. Don’t know about you, but I’m always at a loss for what to do at a friends campsite. Give kudos and watch the design of the campground and camper, sure. But you can’t talk to the animals!

Another new feature that my daughter has been waiting for is crafting clothes! Make your own designs and show them off. Will be fun to do, and at least we won’t all sport the Santa Hat!

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