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The year is almost at an end, time to look back and reminisce. This is the year that I first took up blogging about gaming in particular, sometimes with random non-gaming related thoughts thrown in. I started blogging on the 25th of April in this year, and I’ve been amazed at how much fun it is. In the beginning patient friends and family tend to read what you produce, but after some blogs I found more people willing to read my thoughts. Due to a lack of followers in the beginning some of my blogs didn’t get much attention. A fellow blogger gave me the idea to make a top 5 of blogs that got the least attention. Here’s the top 5 gaming blogs that where the least visited, and which I think are worth reading. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them!

20140625-203634-74194510.jpg1. Always talking about gaming June 25th
Why is it that I feel the need to talk gaming as much as I can? It’s a topic I can talk about until the cows come home. My family isn’t into gaming much. Oh, the occasional game on a mobile phone or tablet, some DS-gaming for them here and there, but that’s about the extent of it. Read more here:

internet, compaq, connection, friends2. Three cheers for the Internet June 3rd
Most of us have grown up with the internet. We don’t really stop to think about the way it has changed people’s lives, but I still remember the very first computer we owned, and how we experienced the wonder of going online for the first time. Read more here:

goals in gaming, ladiesgames, animal crossing, brain academy3. Goal or no goal in gaming, May 19th
I used to think I didn’t need goals in my gaming. Even more: that I didn’t want any goals, because I have enough pressure in real life as it is. Read more here:

cdi, zelda, link, faces of evil, harry potter4. First steps in gaming, June 21st
I think it was 1993 when we bought ourselves a CDi, and played Link, the Faces of Evil and Zelda, the Wand of Gamelon. I know now, with all that I’ve read up on since then about Nintendo, that those games are considered some of the worst ever, a parody on real Zelda games. Read more here:

balance gaming, addicted, fun gaming, kids and games5. It’s all a matter of Balance, June 17th
Most adult people in my real life environment don’t play video games. In fact, when I tell people about my love of gaming, they look at me as if I’m just a bit weird. Or a lot weird, even. Read more here:

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