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Blue Wednesday is a narrative adventure game about jazz and love, and about failure. Explore Evans City, chat with various people, and enjoy unique mini-games that connect naturally. The game captured my attention with its rhythm mini-games, jazz, and unique art style. The demo lays a solid foundation for an interesting adventure with a wide variety of characters and what seems to be different ways to interact with people and places. Unfortunately, with only the first four chapters in the demo, it is hard to tell how these are going to shake out. But, let’s take a look.

Artsy By Nature

Blue Wednesday Street
The art style is great.

Blue Wednesday’s art style really drew me in. The level of detail mixed with the painting-like style of leaving out the detail that is not needed really helped build the world and brought some nostalgia from my childhood of playing point-and-click adventure games.

Speaking of the art, I cannot ignore the music, which is the game’s focus. From just the menu music, you can feel the emotions that the developer and composer wanted to convey. The city music feels like you are slowly walking through a city in a drab routine. The music blends with the art to build a world with depth.

A Melancholy Start 

Blue Wednesday Conversation
I never did continue this story thread in the demo.

Without spoiling anything, I’ll try to explain the story a bit. The game’s main character is going through what many people do. You dream big but then end up stumbling on the way to that dream and end up working a job you hate to survive.

As the story progresses, consequences happen, and his life gets worse. Then there’s a chance to dig himself out of that hole. Unfortunately, that is where the demo ends. That being said, all of this is wrapped around the music and the art, and the story plays out brilliantly.

Does Game-play Matters

Blue Wednesday Piano1
These buttons don’t seem to matter at all.

Other than exploring and talking to other characters, most of the gameplay is rhythm games and puzzles. But I did notice when my controller died during the rhythm game that I got a positive result. I replayed that section, did everything perfectly, and got the same result.

So I tested messing up on purpose and not doing anything, and I got the same result. This is a problem as a player’s input should not be meaningless, making it feel like the mini-games are just there for filler. Of course, this is a demo, so we must take that with a grain of salt. They will hopefully have this fixed on the full release. Otherwise, it is a smudge on a pretty beautiful game.

Final Thoughts

Blue Wednesday City Night
Did anyone else notice the hotdog tacos?

Blue Wednesday has a story worth playing through, especially if you like slice-of-life adventure games. The music and art make the world feel alive, and I am all for it. But the lack of meaningful consequences from a player’s input left me a bit annoyed. I am hopeful for this title, as it was a joy to play through, even with its glaring flaw.

You can find the steam page for Blue Wednesday here.

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