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BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land Review

Game: BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land
Genre: Puzzle, Arcade
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam,(Windows, Linux) & Xbox)
Developers | Publishers: Twin-Stick
Age Rating: US N/A | EU 3+
Price: US $14.95  | UK £10.95 | EU € 14,95
Release Date: March 25th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Twin-Stick.

Solo developer Twin Stick has released BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land, where you bounce around a colourful and cartoony world with BouncyBoi and adventure through various stages filled with challenging puzzles.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Simple levels to start with.

Blob of Slime

You are BouncyBoi, a cheerful bouncing slime blob who is rather sweet looking if you like slimy things. Anyway, BouncyBoi is on a mission to bounce across the tiles to the end goal of each level, and you are going to help him achieve his dream.

There isn’t a big epic story about rescuing a Princess and fighting the baddies in BouncyBoi. Instead, BouncyBoi only has one thought in mind and one goal in life to bounce his way through each stage in Puzzle Land by finding the quickest route to the exit.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Cross the tiles

Bounce To the Goal

BoncyBoi in Puzzle Land has five uniquely themed worlds such as Caves and Swamps to play through, to name a few. Each level has increasing difficulty, and added mechanics keep it fresh for the player.

Instead of a tutorial at the start of the game, as a level introduces, a new mechanic is explained as it happens. There are enemies to avoid, such as spiders and frogs. They all have a sequence they move in, so it’s simply a case of watching their movements patterns to avoid them.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Bronze, silver or gold for the win.

Retry if you Fail

There are bridges to cross that need to be facing the correct way and creatures that will move BouncyBoi from one tile to another, usually when you least expect it. Unusual for a puzzle game, there is a boss stage to complete after every ten levels. They might give you a little more trouble than the normal levels, but you can restart if you are not successful the first time around.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Boss puzzles

Three stars are needed to complete the level fully, depending on how many moves it takes to get to the goal. If you get a lower score, like bronze and silver, you can replay the level to improve your score. So the game has plenty of replayability as you try to better your score.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Watch out for the enemies.

Visuals and Controls

Visually BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land is bright, cheerful and colourful, and a treat for the eyes. The music is upbeat, and the sound effects are all great and blend in well with the puzzles’ worlds.

Controls are joy-con only, with no touchscreen. However, the joy-con controls feel intuitive and work well. You can play the game in table mode with a single joycon single or dual joycon in TV mode. The game also has support for the switch pro controller. Though I did not play the game using those control options, so I can’t comment on how they work. A nice touch by the developer is the ability to add costumes to BouncyBoi, it doesn’t add or change the puzzles but it is a fun addition to the game.

BouncyBoi LadiesGamers
Dress-up BouncyBoi


BouncyBoi in Puzzle Land is a brilliant little puzzle game. It offers just enough of a challenge to the player without it getting frustrating. It would be a great game to play with children as it is family-friendly and suitable for all ages. Though younger children might need help from grown-ups with some of the levels. For all those puzzle fans out there, this is one to add to your library on the Nintendo Switch.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs Up  Two thumbs up

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