Bravely Second, End Layer, the demo that drew me in

What riches we have, so many good handheld games have been released one after another. Yokai Watch, New Style Boutique 2, Return to Popolocrois, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Stella Glow, Legend of Legacy, Fire Emblem, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam to name a few. Riches indeed, and we need a lot of riches to buy them all, but that’s another discussion. I’ve been juggling several games simultaneously, so when Bravely Second came to the Nintendo eShop as a demo, I decided to not join in. Actually, I totally forgot having downloaded the demo.

Thing is, I never finished Bravely Default, though I was very enthusiastic about the game. It was such a novel idea, the fighting system, difficult to master though. I can only guess that I got sidetracked back then by another game, so I never knew what happened to Tiz, Edea, Ringabel and Agnés. When I read Britta’s blog a couple of weeks ago, enthusiasticly detailing her fun playing Bravely Default again, and then The Otaku Judge commented on one of my blogs that Digimon would really have to wait, as he was totally sucked in by Bravely Second, my interest was back. I opened the demo.image

All resolutions went overboard then. Nope, I wasn’t going to finish Bravely Default first. And no, I wasn’t going to finish my huge backlog of games either. (Looking back at my blogs I must admit that I’ll probably never get that backlog out of the way…)  The demo held my attention from the start, I had forgotten how beautifully detailed the screens are. How deep the gameplay, and how touching the story. The talks between the characters is sometimes really funny, of the kind that I like. It’s a 10-hour demo called The Ballad of the Three Cavaliers.

No part of the original story, it’s a side-story that contains several jobs, an area to explore ( you will visit the area again though in the main game) and it gives you several bonuses when you finish it. And if your lucky to get Streetpass hits, you can even transfer them to the main game.image

I was a bit disappointed to find out that my levels didn’t transfer to the full game, but now that I’ve played a bit of the new story, I understand why. It wouldn’t do if Janne and Nicolai had their high levels transferred. Remember when I wrote about when a video game tugs at your heart? That was about a certain scene in Story of Seasons, well, let me tell you, this is another one! And once again it caught me unawares during my morning commute in the train. I won’t give you any more spoilers, but I’m here for you Yew! Just say the word, and we will go and get this Kaiser fellow together!




  1. Like you, I never finished Bravely Default. I finished the story the first time around but then don’t you have to beat it four more times?

    I loved The Legend of Legacy too and beat it once but I don’t see myself finding the time to beat it six more times. 🙁

    I got the demo a week ago and haven’t found the time to load it up. I can’t imagine not enjoying it.

    Hopefully we won’t have to beat the game five times around to get the ending. Do you know?

    Take care.

    1. Hey Marc, nice to hear from you!
      No, I don’t know, actually it’s new to me that you’d have to finish the game several times. To me, when the storyline is finished, the game will be pretty much done.
      You still have some time in America to do the demo before the game is released, and maybe they will give a discount for the full game like here in Europe.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the demo a ton. Im surprised to see such a long demo. I cant wait for the game to come out. I just wish I could get some streetpasses. Maybe when I’m out and about this weekend.

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