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Bunhouse is a very relaxing game on Steam and Switch that revolves around gardening in a greenhouse. And you, as the protagonist, are a rabbit! One that runs a greenhouse and grows plants that are sold when fully grown for carrots. The rabbit doesn’t eat the carrots…no, it uses them to buy more seeds, pots, sprinklers and other stuff to run the greenhouse successfully.

Although there is a tutorial in the game that is quite good, I think Bunhouse could benefit from a little guidance. And that’s where we come in. Because when we love a game, we make a guide! Want to know why we love Bunhouse? Our review is here. 

Let’s Get Hoppin’

At the start, you can choose which Bunny is your alter ego, and if it has lopsided ears, or if they stand upright or hang down. During the game, you will also collect headgear, and you get to choose this, too, making you look very cute.

First of all, you can’t do much wrong in this game. When you start out, you already have some pots, a watering can and dirt for the pots to play with. The routine you’re going for is to pick up the bag of soil and fill the pot. Plant an appropriate seed that matches the pot size in it and water it as much water as it needs. Eventually, it grows, and once it does you can sell it for carrots. You take the plant our of the pot and bring that to the sales counter.

Bunhouse Review

Each plant has a standard worth in carrots, with which you can buy new seeds and other things. The buying catalogue is in the mailbox, and the stuff you order will be delivered in a little van. The pallet, with items on it, will be placed at the side of the road by two pigeons. How cute can this be?

Bunhouse Review

Of course, there’s more to it than just having a green thumb…eh..paw. There are a few things that’ll help in your gameplay, like making sure the dirt has nutrients, the amount of light a plant need and how wet the soil has the be. Here are the details of what you need to know to get a lush greenhouse.

The Plantpedia

The Plantpedia is invaluable.

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For every plant you have unlocked, it shows all you need to know:

  • the amount of light the plant needs
  • the amount of water it needs
  • what the biggest pot size needed is
  • the pot types it can get planted in
  • a description of the plant, mainly for plant lovers

Here’s the list with the seeds’ price, profit and revenue added to it. I’m still missing two seeds which I haven’t unlocked yet.

BunHouse plants

Other items that are invaluable and that you should buy asap are:

The Wheelbarrow. It saves you a lot of trips back and forth. You can load all seeds that you order in it and bring them into the greenhouse.

Bunhouse Review

The Plantalyzer is a very good buy. It gives off an alarm when it detects plants that are dying. And when you’re too late, it’ll locate dead plants for you to throw out using the garbage bin.

Influencing Growth

Light and moisture are the most important. When you water a plant, it shows fills up drops above the pot, so you know how moist the dirt is. It varies from one to three drops, and they dry up over time. Plus, it’s easy to over-water, which isn’t good either.

When it comes to light or shade, you have some influence. Remember that a plant outside the greenhouse always has 3x sun.

  • 1x sun is a plant that needs a shade unit
  • 2x sun any plant inside the greenhouse
  • 3x sun is any plant outside or inside under a sun magnifier

Shade Units and Sun Magnifiers come in two sizes. The small ones that you can put one pot under, or the normal ones that can house four small pots or two regular-sized ones. The size needed also depends on the pots, as for a big pot, you would need the normal size, which is 2×2.

Watering the plants

Keeping the moisture levels at just the right one is a tricky business, as every plant has different needs. As soon as you can afford it, I’d go for Sprinklers. They are a great buy and well worth the carrots. The small one that covers 3×3 is 250 carrots, and the large one which covers 5×5 costs 400 carrots.

Set them up with plant pots around it, and it’ll keep them watered to the desired level. You have to place the pots in a grid, like this for the small one, with x being the pots and o the sprinkler:

So as long as you can walk around the circle, you can put 8 plants near a small Sprinkler. The pattern for five is self-explanatory, I think. Oh, and don’t forget to turn the sprinkler on with a tap.

If you have inadvertently overwatered your plant, the Dirt Dryer (which looks like a hair blower) helps lower the pot’s water level. Or if you don’t have that one yet if you can re-use the pot for a plant that doesn’t want such wet feet. Or throw the soil out and fill it with new soil.

Good Quality Soil

The dirt has nutrients in it, and when you grow plant after plant in the same pot, the dirt will lose nutrients. You can empty out your pots in the dirt receptacle and refill them. You can use the standard dirt at first, but after a while, you will also unlock an upgrade for your Dirt Bag for 75 carrots. You won’t have to replace your soil so often, as the soil now contains fertilizer.

Another way to make sure your soil doesn’t turn poor is to use a Fertilizer Flinger, but these come at a price. The small one is 750 carrots and covers an area of 3×3; the big one costs 1,250 carrots and covers 5×5. It is costly, but it does mean less hassle for you: it flings fertilizer at the pots just when they need it and keeps the soil at a premium level.

The Stars of the Show

Of course, the plants are the stars of the show. The more you grow and add to your greenhouse, the more plants you will unlock. In the table above, under Plantpedia, you can see which plants there are. And what requirements they have.

If you like collecting stuff, you can also try to get a shiny version of every plant. As far as I’ve found out, finding the shiny version is mainly luck.

Aside from the dirt, the moisture and the light, as I described above, plants are particular to their kind of pots as well. Not all pots, even if they are the right size, are appropriate. For example, you can’t put a hanging plant in a standing pot.

The hanging plants are quite something. Their pots can hang on the pipes that span the Greenhouse, or they can be put on the standing hook. What’s interesting is that the pipes on the ceiling of the Greenhouse can have sprinklers built inside for a carrot price, tv with which you water the hanging pots beneath. You go to the place where the pipe comes out of the ground and will get the option to water.

Otherwise, the different kinds of pots available, like clay pots, round or rectangular pots, white, black or blue, don’t add to the plant’s well-being. They serve to make your greenhouse look pretty and just the way you like it.

Making the Greenhouse Your Happy Place

You can make the Greenhouse just how you like it to be.

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Paint it a different colour, change the shade of the doors, ask for a rustic paint job and change the colour or material of the floor. To me, the vines adorning it looks lovely, but you can even remove them too for a price.  To paint the Greenhouse, you go to the little shed on the side of the Greenhouse and click on the paint pot.

The inside can be staged just like you want it to be. You’ll probably start off by growing plants in the simplest of pots, selling them and buying new seeds because you need those carrots. It’s only when carrots flow in abundance that you’ll think about making the Greenhouse your personal oasis.

To do this, you can buy the following in all manner of shapes and sizes:

  • pots in different sizes, shapes and colours
  • tables in all sizes, colours and specialities, like a barrel table
  • a standing hook for your hanging plants
  • several kinds of arbours
  • a koi pond with changeable water flowers

  • a bee house. Invite the bees in by surrounding it with flowers, and they might leave you a little surprise
  • a broken statue
  • stone paving
  • fences
  • step ladder
  • a fountain that can be turned on or off
  • party poppers that shoot out confetti. Of course, the confetti is biodegradable
  • decorative urns
  • the Golden Carrot if you want to flaunt your wealth
  • Bistro lights to brighten the Greenhouse.

More Special Things

Of course, the focus of the game is on growing plants. However, there’s more added to the game, though not as well fleshed out. You can buy a yoga mat and have your bunny do yoga to greet the morning sun.

Bunhouse Review

You can row onto the pond and catch fish, striving to get the biggest one. But, if you buy the Fishing Net in the shop, you unlock an aquarium to put in the Greenhouse, where you can put the caught fish.

When you buy a shovel, you can search the woods outside the Greenhouse for buried goodies and maybe new plant species.

And pocket clippers will allow you to propagate plants from feel-grown plants. Seed is generated with which you can grow new plants.

When you buy the Recycler, you can get a bit of carrot back when you have to throw something away.

And it’s not just your Greenhouse that you can decorate: you can even buy several kinds of trees and plant these saplings to make the area beautiful.

Oh, and one last thing: if the bunny moves too slow for your liking, you can press A while moving, and it’ll hop along.




  1. Love it! I’m enjoying this game as well. On the switch, you can sell a plant without taking the whole pot to the selling area. Y moves things, but holding Y plants or unplants a plant. Then you can carry the root ball wrapped plant to the selling table.

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