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Bunny Park Review

Game: Bunny Park
Genre: Simulation, Other
System: Nintendo Switch (also available on Steam, (Windows) PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)
Developers | Publishers: Cozy Bee Games | SOEDESCO
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $19.99 | UK £17.99 | EU 19,99
Release Date: September 30th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to SOEDESCO.

Bunny Park is a cute clicker simulation game by the same studio that developed Lemon Cake, Cozy Bee Games. The game has been released on Steam for a while; it’s now our favourite handheld turn to play host to the game.

Build a Bunny Park

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
Build that park.

In Bunny Park, you start with a small plot of land and a single rabbit, with the goal being to expand the Park and restore it to make it into a bunny paradise, aiming to attract even more bunnies.

There isn’t a tutorial as such; you get a few pointers on what controls to press; other than that, you are pretty much left to get on with it.

 Pet the Bunnies

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
Cute bunny

You’ll build your nature park and care for its bunnies while decorating it to increase the popularity of the Park. The higher the rating of their bunny park, the more bunnies it can attract and collect, up to twenty-five bunnies in all.

You’ll start by clearing an area of the park, and clicking on logs and weeds to dispose of them. As you do so, you earn coins, which are used to buy decorations for the park. Decorations such as fences, paths and flowers and more. You can make little gardens and plant carrots and other vegetables for your bunnies to eat. And don’t forget to pet them as they love the attention.

Collect Coins

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
Clear the rubbish and collect coins

Eventually, you will have collected enough cash to buy automation helpers. These are called bot-terflies, (butterflies), which can automate some processes of clearing the debris and petting bunnies.

Once you have gathered enough coins, you can expand the Park by buying another piece of land and attracting more cute rabbits.

Charming Gameplay

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
A new bunny arrives in the park

The gameplay is charming, relaxing and quite chilled, with pleasant music on a loop. There aren’t any timers or pressure on the player to complete anything within a given time. However, creating a space for your bunnies to feed and play will take a few hours as, initially, gold is hard to come by, and the game is slow to get started.

The bunnies all have their own names and personalities. Additionally, they have their own likes and dislikes for food and decorations, so you will have to get to know them to provide the care they need and to entice new bunnies into the park.

Hindered By a Camera with a Life of Its Own

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
Can you find all the bunnies?

Unfortunately, what should be a chilled time with a cute game is hampered by a strange camera glitch I encountered. While playing the game, quite unexpectedly, the camera would suddenly move to the top of the bunny park, way out of the area I was building in and zoom in close to the ground.

The camera going off on its own happened numerous times, so much so that I began to think something was wrong with the Joy-cons on my new Switch. However, there isn’t, as they work fine with other games. Also, the unexpected camera movement would happen when I wasn’t touching the controls, which was very off-putting and kind of ruined the fun I was having with the game.

Bunny Park LadiesGamers
Busy Park


Bunny Park is a simple wholesome game. On the Nintendo Switch, the controls need a patch before I would recommend the game in that format. The gameplay itself is enjoyable, who wouldn’t like to look after some cute bunnies that you can pet? But if you are thinking of buying the game on the Nintendo Switch I’d wait a while until the camera is fixed, otherwise, it spoils the game. As it is, going on gameplay alone Bunny Park gets a score of…..

Final Verdict: I like it   I like it

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