Capcom getting serious about the Switch

The Switch is gaining momentum, slowly and surely. More and more franchises are promised to release on the console/ handheld hybrid. In an interview Capcom had this week with Jiji, a Japanese News site, they confirmed it has more Switch games on the way-including Ace Attorney games. They should make it to market in the fiscal year 2018, which starts from April 2018.

Ace Attorney on Switch will be good news for the fans, providing it will be a new title. I surely haven’t played many Ace Attorney games, but it seems like I see titles flying by left and right on mobile for a low price. So let’s hope Capcom makes a decent job of it with Ace Attorney 7, and won’t rehash one of the earlier entries.

There’s another Capcom title though that I would really, really like to see on the Switch. And this news snippet has made me hopeful for that. You see, Capcom is making a HD version of Okami to be released on PS4 and XBox. Soon too, as the game will be released West on December 12 for the low price of $19,99 and £ 14,99.

I’ve been hoping ever since I heard that, that there might be a Switch title might follow. Years ago I loved playing Okamiden on the DS and enjoyed it immensely. I know the original title released on the Wii, but it would be so great to play this title on handheld. Keeping my fingers crossed!06688FB9-E1ED-445B-B2CC-C32939D561CA.jpeg



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