Cassette Beasts: Pier of the Unknown DLC Review

Game: Cassette Beasts: Pier of the Unknown
Genre: JRPG, Open World, Creature Collector
System: Steam (Windows & Linux) (also on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch)
Developer|Publisher: Bytten Studio |Raw Fury
Controller Support: Yes
Price: UK £5.89 | US $6.99 | € 6.89 (DLC Only)
Release Date:  October 4th, 2023

Review code used with many thanks to Johnny Atom PR. 


As a follow-up to the review of the original title, which you can read here, Cassette Beasts: Pier of the Unknown is the awaited DLC for the title. However, I do want to lay out the prerequisites before you can start the DLC within your copy of Cassette Beasts.

You must be halfway through the ‘Land of Confusion’ quest with four bosses defeated. I will leave that descriptor as vague as possible, as I don’t want to spoil the game for you. In the Gramophone café, you will get prompted by Clémence that an unusual rowing boat has appeared just off harbour town and perhaps you should investigate.

Cassette Beasts DLC LadiesGamer
Brightside Pier

DLC Information only

Upon taking the boat in Harbour Town, you’ll arrive at Brightside Pier with a foggy and abandoned feel to it. Here, you’ll meet the eccentric Gwen. She informs you that she has been trying to rebuild Brightside Pier, and she’s glad you’ve arrived, as you can help her. Surely, you aren’t just here to be the maintenance team?

In terms of the overall design of this new area, Brightside Pier. You are tasked with collecting prize tickets to essentially stop the ‘machines’ from working. Collecting tickets will require you to complete some platforming and a bit of puzzle-solving, but nothing too heavy. This DLC can be accessed around the midway point of the game; levels range from low 40s to low 60s. There are 12 new monsters to acquire from Brightside Pier to help fill out your Bestiary.

Cassette Beasts DLC LadiesGamer
With Gwen

Additional Information

Cassette Beasts had a patch in June 2023, 1.2 Catacombs update, which added a new area to New Wirral and eight new monsters within this patch, three alternate evolution paths, four new monsters and a secret monster. Whilst the game is single-player only as of the time of writing this, the development team are busy with a free multiplayer patch that will allow you to team up with eight other players, trade cassettes with friends, battle your friends with unique battle rulesets and team up against the fusion monsters.

When writing the initial review, I had not encountered any special types of cassettes in the game. Since then, I have encountered a few ‘bootlegs’ cassettes (which are this game’s version of shinies). You can get a few gifted to you from NPCs in the game. However, there is a free bootleg Puppercut as of the update in June. To redeem it, go to the Gramophone Café, talk to the mailbox, and enter ’ Summertime ’ to receive the lightning Puppercut. As of the time of writing this review, the code still works.

Cassette Beasts DLC LadiesGamer
The Cosmic Zone


The DLC is more of an extension of the original game, and it does not fail to deliver based on the experience that I have had with Cassette Beasts. As it is more of a small extension, the DLC could take you between 1- 4 hours, depending on your playstyle. It’s a fun, enjoyable ride with an interesting mini-story that builds into the game’s lore. If you liked the base game, you’ll love the content that is within this DLC.

Final Verdict: Two Thumbs UpTwo thumbs up

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