Castaway Paradise, the VIP treatment

Over the years I’ve invested a lot in Nintendo gaming, and with all the great games coming our way for the 3DS, I’m sure my wallet will suffer greatly over the next few months. Apps games are somehow a different matter for me, I hardly ever invest a lot in them, but it’s not like a game has to be free. If it’s good, I always feel like the developer deserves to make some money too, so I tend to buy a small amount of gems, diamonds, coins or whatnot.

But with Castaway Paradise made by Stolen Couch it’s different, I took a plunge! I wrote about this game last week, remarking how it’s come close to my beloved Animal Crossing even though there are still a lot of creases to be ironed out. See my blog here:( Paradise in your pocket?) The game is free, but that means that you get a CastawayParadise, 3DS, AppGame, Simulation, Farming, Decorating, Collecting, Freemium, AnimalCrossing, NewLeaf, HarvestMoonlimited amount of water in your watering can, a limited amount of times that you can use your pick axe and so on. And get to see advertisements once in a while, because the developers have to make a living too! I liked it enough to check out the VIP status that was offered and then, much against my normal modus operandi, decided to take the plunge! For
€ 2,66 a month, 6 months long, I had unlimited right to the use of all water and other tools, I got to live in a spacious house instead of a tent, discount for what I buy in the game store and I got a lot of goodies extra and a wealth of in game currency to spend. After those 6 months it’s not automatically renewed, that was important for me, because who can look that far ahead in CastawayParadise, Free to play, AppGame, Simulation, Simgame, Island, AppStore, Freemium, AnimalCrossing, Timewastergaming?So I thought my little character would get to live her life in paradise. I was wrong of course. Although she’s now got a beautiful gown and a crown to go with it, she’s still the only one working on the island, tilting the ground to grow crops, pricking up trash and digging out tree stumps. She does look happy though, she’s unlocked most of the island and is now trying to make things more beautiful, despite the fact that the islanders are not helping at all. She’s trying to make some easy money in the stock market but the way her luck is going in the Apfelzeit stock market I’m afraid she will have to stick to growing crops!


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