Champion Amiibo and their powers

Only a couple more days before the Champion amiibo reach the stores, to use in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Not only do they look sweet, the four Amiibo that are released November 10th each have their own speciality to add to the game.

The armor each champion unlocks represents the Divine Beast they’re connected with — Vah Rudania for Daruk, Vah Ruta for Mipha, Vah Medoh for Revali, and Vah Neboris for Urbosa. These are the amiibo that you can buy ( if you are lucky enough to find them, that is!)

Mipha is the beloved princess of the Zora tribe, and the elders of the tribe still remember her incomparable kindness. Aside from her role as a Champion, Mipha was also a valued friend to Link all those years ago.

Urbosa is a fearsome warrior and a credit to her people, the Gerudo tribe. Though she has a fiery personality, Urbosa cares deeply about Princess Zelda and the fate of Hyrule.

Daruk is not only a natural leader, but also a mighty fighter with a big heart. Well-loved by his fellow Gorons, Daruk is a powerful ally in helping Link vanquish the threat of Calamity Ganon.

Revali is a member of the skyward Rito tribe, he’s a skilled pilot who can be a tad arrogant at times. Even though he’s a Champion, Revali resents Link for being the hero of Hyrule.

Each helm will increase your guard against ancient energy attacks. Enemies’ HP will also be made visible.
On top of that the specific effects for each item are:
* Vah Rudania Divine Helm (Daruk): Flame Guard (Lv1)
* Vah Ruta Divine Helm (Mipha): Swim Speed Up (Lv1)
* Vah Naboris Divine Helm (Urbosa): Electricity Resistance (Lv1)
* Vah Medoh Divine Helm (Revali): Cold Resistance (Lv1)

And on top of that, when any of the Divine Helms are equipped with Ancient Cuirass and Ancient Greaves (all armor items need to be upgraded level 2 ★★ or above), you’ll also trigger a set bonus, Ancient Proficiency, which increases the attack power of Ancient or Guardian series weapons.


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