Chatting about games for one year, and still not done.

It’s been one year already, much to my surprise. One year since I wrote my first blog about gaming called “Mood swings in gaming“. I still remember how my first blog was born. As I have done for years now, I was chatting through iMessage with my good friend overseas. She and I met through our mutual gaming interest, and although our everyday lives are very different, we always have lots to talk about. We can literally talk gaming until the cows come home. We were talking about the fact that sometimes we feel like playing on the 3DS, and at times we just want to play app games, not touching the 3DS for weeks. And how it’s no use trying to fight these mood swings, they just seem to happen.

After our chat it occurred to me that I wanted to put some of my gaming related talks on paper, or rather trust it to the Internet. I always had, and still have, gaming related thoughts swirling around in my mind, and it’s not something that I can share at my work or at family meetings. By putting them in blogs I could satisfy my need to chat about gaming, while doing something I love as well: writing. Plus the new people I met online through this passion really gave me a lot of positive energy!

Such a lot has happened since then. I’ve written 181 blogs this past year. I don’t have a schedule or such, but blogs just want out, or there’s news about games I love that I want to share. They just keep on coming at a steady rate. Most are Nintendo related, some are about app games and since the beginning of this year I’ve added quite a few about my Vita experience. I was curious what blogs had the highest number of views, to see what was popular. Without a doubt my blog about Pokemon have been very popular, especial the one called “Easter eggs in Pokemon ORAS“. I guess I’ll contribute it to a lucky choice in tag words! Another one that has gotten more then the average attention has been about Magician’s Quest, and that was because one of my followers was kind enough to link to it in an online petition to get Konami to bring the game West.

I love each and every one that I have written, though some I’m especially proud off. Like the ones that aren’t about games in particular, but are just random gaming thoughts. They are the ones that just seem to flow into the keyboard, with no apparent effort. I always categorize them as ” Thoughts in gaming”, and you could say they are my special babies! I hope I can keep on writing like this for another year to come, it will be nice to look back with you all again this time next year!


  1. Happy anniversary! And please keep writing about gaming in the years to come. ^_^

    I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I feel that I love gaming even more since I started writing and posting about it, as well as commenting on other gaming blogs. It’s so pleasant to chat lightly about gaming matters with other gaming afinionados! 😀

    P.S: Your blue 3ds XL is gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      Well, judging on the fact that I haven’t had a single no-gaming spell this past year, I think I can safely say that I agree with you. Blogging makes the gaming extra fun!

      1. Now that you mention it, it’s the same for me! Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve been playing games continuously with hardly a pause between one game and the next, which was not the case before. I guess that blogging about games somehow encourages you to play in a more disciplined way! 😀

        1. Well, true, more discipline! I’m always the disciplined sort though, but if it where to become a chore, I’d consider not going through with the blogging and the gaming. But it still gives me so much positive energy!

  2. 181 posts in a year?! That’s incredible, good for you! It’s so true that the internet, in general, and blogging, more specifically, can enable us to meet and interact with those that share our interests. Most of the people in my day-to-day life (coworkers, etc.) don’t get games, let alone to the extent that I do. It’s nice to have another outlet to share our thoughts among the like-minded. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised too at the number of posts looking back, they surely weren’t any trouble making. Plus I’ve done my fair share of guest blogging too. Sometimes I try to chat to my family about what holds my passion, but they always look at me strangely. And it turns to other topics quickly!

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