Chibi Robo Zip Lash will come West!

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You know by now that I’m a huge fan of Chibi Robo! I told you yesterday about the Japanese Nintendo Direct, and how they announced a new Chibi Robo game. This time not a simulation/ management game, but a side scrolling platform. I’m very exited to hear that the game is confirmed for released in the US and Europe in October!! It’s going to be called Chibi Robo Zip Lash, and like in Japan, it will come with a cool Amiibo. I don’t own any Amiibo yet, for lack of a game to use it for. But this Chibi Robo Amiibo is a must for me!

Bill Trinen will tell you more about it in this surprise Micro Nintendo Direct. There’s more news, without translations needed, about

  • Dr. Mario Miracle Cure
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • A little bit about project Treasure
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics in Rio
  • Bravely Second, End Layer is coming West in 2016!
  • Puzzles & Dragons Mario and Z has some exiting news too: when you finish the 8 Mario Worlds, you’ll gain access to 8 more worlds too! Plus for the other part, PAD Z, you’ll get weekly additional dungeons and special dragons to download.

Wow! The Japanese Nintendo Direct already had me excited, and this make it even better!


  1. I instantly had to think of you when I heard about a new Chibi Robo!

    I knew you would be one happy gamer and the Amiibo is a great addition, I am definitely getting this one.

    Personally I am looking forward the most to Bravely Second, but 2016 is still a long way to go. Hopefully it will be early 2016.

    1. You’re right, one happy gamer here! The trailer for Bravely Second looked so mouthwatering good, don’t you think? I played the first one too, but didn’t finish it entirely. The constant surprise battles really wore me down, I like when I can dodge an enemy if I want to make some headway. But the trailer reminded me that I really have to get back into the first adventure.

      1. One of the best features of Bravely Default, in my opinion, is that you can completely turn off random encounters.
        I used the option more than once, when the battles were getting too much or I was simply in the mood for exploration.

        1. I used the option once, but I was afraid that my crew would be too weak in the end. But you’re right, I should have used it more. Because the continuous encounters took the fun out of exploration for me!

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