Chicken Wiggle review for 3DS

Recently I got the chance to review Chicken Wiggle, a 3DS game that isn’t normally my cup of tea. I say that, because Chicken Wiggle is a 2D platformer and sports the 8-bit look, both components that aren’t really my thing in gaming. Still, I decided to visit the Chicken coop and see what the game was all about. Before I tell you about the game, let me tell you a bit about the developers.

Atooi games, founded in 2015 by Jools Watsham, has an impressive array of games. The Mutant Mudds series and Xeodrifers that are perhaps best known, and appeared on most of the gaming consoles. Chicken Wiggle is downloadable in the 3DS eShop only and has the same pixel art quality we saw in their earlier games. So if you are into some solid retro gaming, you might want to read on.

The game is very light on story: the chicken’s friends have been kidnapped by a wicked witch, and it’s up to him to save the day. Strange that he would team up with a worm to do so! I guess though that this isn’t the kind of game that is played for a good story. Next, you’ll get a short tutorial about how to use your buttons to jump, use your stretched out worm to climb to great heights that even I as a platform novice could understand. 

The main game is separated into eight worlds, with the first six called towers. Each of them is made up of six stages and all of them have the goal of freeing a trapped chicken. While you try to make it through the stages, you can collect a 100 diamonds in each, and three letters that spell FUN. The stretched out worm doesn’t just help you climb, but it’s also invaluable in stunning your enemies, after which the chicken can peck them to death. Who would have thought they had it in them. 

If you know anything of my gaming, you’ll not be surprised that I didn’t make it far. I’m just awful at platforming, lacking the dexterity to man the buttons quickly and precisely. But you also might remember that I only write about games that I like. And that’s where the second part of the game comes in: the level creation part. 

With the popularity of games like Super Mario Maker and RPG maker I think it’s an excellent idea to incorporate this into the game. From the start, all backdrops, every enemy and every obstacle is available for creation. With it, you can create your own levels and make them as difficult as you can. You can even share them online, such fun to see how creative people are in making their own stages. 

What’s so nice about this game is that you don’t have to play the main game, but can go straight to creation mode if you want. It might take a bit of fiddling around to get to grips with all you can do in this mode, but once you do, you can have all sorts of creative fun!

The game just dropped in price from $ 14,99 to $9,99 (same in Europe) so if you are in the mood for some platform level creation, here’s your chance!

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