Child…lost at sea

If you’re a mom, and even if you have pets that are dear to you, you know. You undoubtedly know the feeling of turning your back for just one minute, and the next thing you know is that your little sprout is gone. Nowhere to be seen, causing a frantic panic and a nauseous feeling in your stomach.

Now if you have played Tomodachi Life, you know the pride of seeing one of the kids of one of your married couples be all grown up. After all, you’ve rocked her to sleep, helped the parents quiet her down when she was screaming at the top of her lungs and seen her play with her blocks. When the time comes to send them out into the world, you even make sure she looks perfect. Because like the most expensive plastic surgeon, you can adjust their looks before you set the children free.

That’s how it was for me when the time came to let Evan go on his travels. A good thing by the way that I could alter his features, because he was the offspring of Shaquille O’Neal and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. Let me tell you, it’s not a match that makes for gorgeous children! A lot of editing was done, and then he left us, his mother in tears, and me a proud surrogate parent.

I never heard from him again…no messages from Relay Point Island, no nice letters that he was having a great time on this or that island, no visits back home to enjoy his moms cooking. ( Now if it was my cooking I’d totally understand why he never came back.) It would seem that there are some issues streetpassing with Tomodachi Life. I hardly ever get a boat from another island, even when a lot of people that I pass have Tomodachi Life as their last played game. I think Evan is the victim of this, somewhere lost at sea, no doubt scrambled to little particles in some or other wifi glitch. As it is now, nothing is left but for us to miss him. All that Evan left us is his photo album…

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