Choosing the right game for the right time, Part 1

game genre, shooter, action, adventure, best gameLet’s assume that you are sitting on your couch, bored with the shows on the television and that you have the entire evening ahead of you with nothing much to do. Now, if you’re a working mom, a dad with a demanding job or a student bent over your books for the next exam, the chances of this being the case are slim. But, just for the sake of this blog, picture yourself in that situation. And you’re thinking that you’d love to play a good game, but you have no idea what game to pick.

Just for those situations I decided to come up with a sort of game-chooser. Not like the ones you’d find on official gaming sites, but just my idea of good games that are waiting to be played at the right time and at the right moment. As I’m always open to learning about new games, I propose that we explore together what the best choices would be in the various categories. The end result should be a nice chart about what to pick in which situation.

So, let’s get started with Part 1 of our journey to find the right game for the right moment. First I would like for you to share with me what your favorite game genre is. You’ll be surprised how difficult this is, when you can only choose one. For me it’s just like with reading books. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a good Fantasy story, that needs three or more books to be told. At other times a chicklit is just what I need, no need to think deep or to get emotionally invested in the story. Just having fun reading it. It’s like that in games too, sometimes a RPG is just what I need, at others I can’t wait to manage my own farm growing the best crops. But still, if I were to choose on genre of games, it would be simulation games.

Game genre, choises, difficult, fungamesI tried to compile a list of game genres using Wiki, and even making this list is a challenge, mainly because every genre has some sub-genres too. Plus I guess definitions of game genres aren’t exactly universal! Check it out, and choose your number one gaming genre, the one sort of games that almost always works for you!


  1. I would very much like to see the end result of this! I’m always getting stuck on what game to play next, there’s just so much choice and sometimes it can feel a little baffling !
    Looking forward to seeing more of this one !!!

  2. I’m very familiar with this situation. I’ve lost many an hour wanting to play a game and being unable to decide which one. I’m excited to see where you go with this.

  3. In these situations, I usually rely on what I call my “gaming instinct”. I let my mind wander, thinking of the many games in my collection and looking at them if need be, and after a while a specific game will pop up into my mind! This is not a rational process at all, but it usually works pretty well… And thanks to it, the choice of the next game to play becomes some kind of thrilling pint-sized adventure! 😀

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