Choosing Your Favourite Animal Crossing Game

This week it’s the 1 year celebration for Animal Crossing New Horizons on March 20th! Many people joined the Animal Crossing family for the first time, but I’m curious for those who played more then New Horizons: in hindsight, which game is your favourite?

Time to give the game some extra attention, so join our POLL beneath. And if you feel like it, share your reason why in the comments!

What is your favourite Animal Crossing game?

Animal Crossing Gamecube

With New Horizons coming to Switch, the fanbase of the series was super exited. But would have thought the game would be so welcome when it was released during a difficult time for many people.

Wild World

There never was never a time before like our current situation, where face to face contact is a no-no, distance is needed and safety and staying at home is key. But, can’t go outdoors and you really need a change of scenery? What better way then retreat to a tropical island and meet up with friends (animal neighbours and humans alike!).

New Leaf

It’s almost like Tom Nook had the foresight and business insight that an island getaway is much appreciated right now.

Pocket Camp
New Horizons


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