Christmas Cup of Coffee, wk 52

First day of Christmas is well underway here. Time to take a little time out to have our weekly chat over a cup of coffee. No need to take it black right? Today we may indulge ourselves! Did you know that the Netherlands has two Christmas Days? First and Second Christmas Day as it’s called. Depends on how you look at the festivities of course whther you’d like it or not: some people might say that one day of family gatherings, Christmas movies and copious dinners might be enough.

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of gaming news to share today. I guess everyone is taking a step back and more interesting facts will pop up when the new year starts.

  • Nintendo wants you to go out and about with your 3DS, they have declared another Streetpass Weekend. It’s started yesterday on Christmas Eve, and it will last till January 4th. Aside from the “normal” encounters from Streetpassing in your games, you can also find  Claude with a special decorating request for your Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game. All you have to do is bypass a Nintendo Zone!  street_pass_weekened_christmas_2015
  • For those of you who are enjoying Yo-Kai Watch: there’s an app for the game out in the iOS App Store in the US and in  Android (thanks Jacob, for bringing this to my attention!).  The app Yo-Kai Watch Land allows you to take a picture with your favorite Yo-kai, see your toy medals come to life through augmented reality (AR), has all kinds of wiki about the Yo-Kai in it and several small games.
  • Yo-Kai watch land, app, ios, pokedex
  • Don’t forget that Story of Seasons will finally be released in Europe on December 31st. If you like Harvest Moon, this is in fact the newest title, and I can tell you it’s awesome.Story of the seasons, HM, Safari, 3DS, farming, angora
Did you find some Gaming gifts under your tree? I did, got two Amiibo, that makes three now. And my daughter got the Nerdy Nummies cookback. Such fun with a gaming bakes section in there. I knew the videos from YouTube, but what fun to see all the detailed instructions and even scannable pictures to find the cutouts you need online.  So that’s it from me, I think I’ll go back to my Christmas dinner now: I was lucky, I wasn’t the one cooking today, I’ll just relax!Nerdy nummies, cookbook, ladiesgamers



    1. Oh Fantasy Life! It was my game of the year 2015, and I played it too this year around the summer. At times I put it down for months, but I often get back to it and play it again with a passion. Great game!

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