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Christmas Gaming: DLC!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Or, so the song tells us! Now, if you want to extend your Christmas feeling to your gaming, I decided to search for those special games. But, asides from a few exceptions, there are very few Christmas themed video games. Which is pretty understandable. However quite a few games have special Christmas events or DLC.

Here are my top picks, in case you need something to spend those e-shop cards on.

Overcooked + 2!

The co-op cooking frenzy series have their own special Christmas recipes. Giving us the gift of free Christmas DLC for both games. The original Overcooked got the Festive Seasoning DLC, with had eight free levels, some new recipes and was the introduction of the flamethrower.

In Overcooked 2’s (my review here) Kevin’s Christmas Cracker DLC  you make hot chocolates, Christmas puddings and pancakes. Going through the five free levels you can unlock an Elf and a Snowman chef. In both packs you wear cute little Santa hats. Proving that the sequel is superior as who doesn’t need a platypus with a Santa hat? This year another winter themed update is arriving for free on December 17th.

Overcooked 1 and 2 are sold physically or on the e-shop but have recently been bundled as a physical pack with both. Perhaps you need it on your Wish List?

Pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 for the Wii U had some paid DLC levels. Although one was given for free, this being Fortress of Festivity. As with other levels you can either try to collect all the treasure in the time limit, or go for the battle enemies mode. Pikmin 3 also features co-op play. This level is completely Christmas theme, as you’ll walk past many wrapped presents, delicious food and a Christmas tree. You can have a look for yourself in this video by SwimmingBird941


Are there any Christmas themed levels, DLC or games that you love?

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