Christmas in Dreamlight Valley

Christmas in Dreamlight Valley

Don’t you agree that, when you’re a fan of simulation games, a Christmas theme is vital to enjoying the holidays? I know I love it, and it really adds to the fun I have playing a game. Animal Crossing has always been ace when it comes to the Christmas spirit, it allows for so much creativity, and it’s always a special moment when the first snow hits. When you look at our Christmas articles that will appear on LadiesGamers over the next weeks, you’ll see where I got my inspiration for their images on top!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

This year brought us Disney Dreamlight Valley, and as you can expect from Disney, this means loads of holiday cheer in the game as well. On December 6th, we had an update that brought us the Festive Star Path. In Animal Crossing, you only need the patience to collect recipes for the Holidays and for Ice furniture. In Dreamlight Valley, you can join the Festive Star Path, and by spending Moonstones, you get the chance to collect all items.

I must say, I’ve seen the most amazing items you can see below. And as expected, it all looks very good too. I’ve found some videos for speed builds on YouTube that shows you how it can look.

This one is from Elle Serein

You can also build yourself a Christmas market as AJayy did. Looks lovely, and it’s rather soothing to watch too.

The last one I want to mention lists all the holiday recipes, a video made by Bonnie Lovely

Still, there’s a thought I must mention: just how much moonstones, and that means real money, do you have to spend to get it this way? Does it make players spend more than they should just to get the cosy vibe going?

This brings me back to the same fear I mentioned in my review back then: it’s so easy to turn this game into a money-grabbing machine. And it would seem that this is already happening even for the players who have bought the game in early access like us. But I don’t want to spoil the festive spirit. So I’ll just enjoy seeing my Dreamlight Valley home looking like Christmas!

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