Christmas in Pocket Camp

Will there be a special Christmas in Pocket Camp?

If there’s one thing Animal Crossing is good at, it’s special events. And one event I’ve always enjoyed in Wild World and New Leaf is Christmas. Made special patterns to lay out in my town, giving every animal a Christmas tree of their own. Snow on the ground, and the jingle music in the background.

Isabelle tweeted yesterday that this holiday season for Pocket Camp is near too. If you fulfill requests for animals, you’ll get candy canes. And if you have enough you can craft special furniture. Completing Timed Goals unlocks Festive Holiday clothing too.

I’m sitting here early at breakfast, waiting to commute to work. And of course, I checked if there’s snow on the ground in Pocket Camp too, as it’s the first of December today.  After all, in the DS games that’s when winter started. But, the new day hasn’t started yet for my villagers as it isn’t even 6 am yet.

Still, come the new day, there should be a festive atmosphere, special items to craft and good cheer all around. Because, what better way to kick off the season then in Animal Crossing Style?11B63E71-E81B-4769-A1DB-E6DA061C8D30

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