Christmas surprise, new Style Savvy for America

Now, this is good news for the American fans! Remember when I told you the New Style Boutique Styling 3: Styling Star would be released in Europe on November 24?

And how there was no news on an American release? Well, good news: Style Savvy Styling Star will release in America on December 25 2017. Now, isn’t that a lovely Christmas surprise. You might wonder why there’s a month delay, but keep in mind that the last game took months to cross the ocean to the US.

The game will only be downloadable from eShop, no physical release. The demo is available immediately, if you want to check the game out.

Here’s a brief synopsis of how the game is different then the last one called Fashion Forward:

  • Aside from managing the shop, you are a stylist to up and coming popstars
  • Mens fashion is back
  • You can make nail art
  • The Design Centre is an in-game app. You can design clothes and outfits, and share them with each other online.
  • Shopdo lets players upload their lovingly-designed boutique interiors, and even sell outfits to one another for in-game currency.

Fun gaming times ahead. If you want to read more about the game, see more info here. 

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