Chronology, time travelling puzzler on iOS

Checking out the AppStore, I stumbled upon Chronology. Why do you download some games, and leave others to obscurity? I guess a lot depends on the little image that represents a game, and this one reminded me of Pinkeltje, a popular figure in children’s books in the Netherlands. But, that’s not what I wanted to tell you, so moving on. The game has been released on the PC before, but now it’s widely available on iOS. I downloaded the first chapters of this game for free, always nice to give it a try before buying. What a pleasant surprise it was to open the game and find the beautiful graphics and compelling story. To be honest, had I known that it was a side scrolling adventure, I wouldn’t have given it a try. But I’m glad I did, because I want to keep on playing and solve the puzzle!

You start as “the Old Inventor,” a man with no memory, who finds himself in a familiar land, but far into the future. He doesn’t understand why he is there, on rather “when”, but siin he comes across a time-traveling device in the form of a ticking clock. Using this, you can instantly switch back and forth between this desolate future world and the lively world of “before.” And you need to switch back and forth to be able to move across the level, otherwise you wouldn’t make it. A few levels in, you are accompanied by a very helpful snail who can stop time altogether. He can reach places the inventor can’t, so you have to solve the puzzle of how to progress. The goal of the game is to repair the universe’s timeline and fix what has gone wrong, as the inventor regains his memory along the way.

The game reminds me somehow of A Boy and his Blob, a game you may remember from the Wii. The games’ controls play smoothly with a D-pad, moving right or left, jumping, picking up things. The graphics are beautiful and the storyline is entertaining. If you like puzzlers, this is one you really should give a try. As I said, the first three levels are free, the next five can be downloaded for $2,99. More levels are planned for the future.

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