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Cities: Skylines Content Creators Pack: Heart of Korea and Content Creators Pack: Skyscrapers Preview

Preview code used with many thanks to Johnny Atom PR.

Colossal Order developers of Cites: Skylines are releasing Cities: Skylines World Tour. It’s a series of paid and free content for the base game and specific DLCs, representing different regions around the globe.

Releasing on November 15th, 2022, the two new content creator packs for the game are Heart of Korea and Skyscrapers, which this preview will cover. I’ve had access to the packs, so let us dive in and see what is available.

Content Creators Pack: Heart of Korea

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
Heart of Korea residential buildings

Inspired by a South Korean metropolis, the Content Creators Pack: Heart of Korea by creator Elvis will bring a flavour of east Asia to your cities.

It includes eight new unique buildings, six service buildings, seventeen high-density commercial buildings and twenty-nine low-density residential buildings. In addtion, there is also the new Korean district style to apply to your districts in your city.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
Crematorium Memorial Park and Plastic Surgery building’s

The service buildings included in the Korean pack are police, fire, an Elementary school, a plastic surgery building, a Waste disposal Unit, an Eco-Friendly Incinerator and a Crematorium Memorial Park. But don’t be fooled by the name of the crematorium memorial park, as it works the same as the other crematorium service buildings.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
Eco-Friendly Incinerator

Also included with the eight Unique buildings in the pack are a Korean food alley and a Korean-style Temple, which I particularly like as they look brilliant in my city. The buildings are well-designed and add a unique look to any area in your city.

Content Creators Pack: Skyscrapers

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers

The second content creator pack released on the same day is Content Creators Pack: Skyscrapers, designed by Feindbold. The Skyscraper pack will introduce forty-four unique buildings, mostly skyscrapers, and forty-seven new props.

More than fifteen skyscrapers are influenced by iconic high rises worldwide. Included in the pack are three North American buildings inspired by iconic structures from the 1900s.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
Skyscrapers from around the world

In addtion, there are six skyscrapers from European counties, including France, Germany, Spain and Poland. As well as skyscrapers from the UK, Asia and South Africa. You might find a building you recognise from your home city!

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
New residential unique building.

As you can see from the image above of the skyscraper creator pack, there are some tall buildings to add to your city. The buildings in the collection are beautiful and detailed and add to the city skyline, giving us lots of height to work with. In addition, all the skyscrapers will increase the number of visitors to your tourist district in your city as they are all tourist attractions.

Next, two new radio stations are being released. The radio stations are paid content that will be available to buy. The K-pop Radio Station features South Korean K-pop tunes and 80’s Downtown Beat has sixteen songs for more than one hour of music to chill out to.

Roads and Vehicle Update

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
New Tram design on one of the new pedestrian tram paths

Finally, if you own the base game, you will also receive a free update of new roads, buses, and trams. Additionally, if you own these three DLCs, After Dark, Snowfall, and Plazas & Promenades, you will receive a free update to those DLC. Included are pedestrian paths with trams.

There are also twenty new vehicles like buses and trams and other types of roads with multiple lanes, tracks, and bicycle lanes. Don’t we all love receiving new roads for Cities: Skylines? I know I do and I’ve made good use of the bike roads in my cities.

Cities: Skylines LadiesGamers
Korean buildings 

To sum up, I’ve enjoyed building my city using the packs. The Skyscrapers pack is perfect for increasing the height of your downtown city centre. The Korean pack adds a good variety of buildings. I love the Temple and the Korean food alley. The cims seem to like it as they visit it often. If I didn’t already have the packs, I would buy them to add to my builds as they add to and expand the game.

The Content Creators Pack: Heart of Korea Steam page is here. The pack is priced at US $5.99 | UK £4.79 | € 5,99. Similarly, you can find the Content Creators Pack: Skyscrapers Steam page here. This pack is priced at US $3.99 | UK £2.89 | € 3.99


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