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Civilization 6 (Switch) Beginners Guide 11 Expansions: Governors

Governors and their Abilities

Governors are a new mechanic in Civilization 6 and are a useful addition, positioning Governor’s in your cities will increase Loyalty and each Governor has their own bonuses that they bring to the city they are stationed in.

In this guide we will have a look at what Governors are available to post to each of your cities and what their particular bonuses are.

A Governor bolsters Loyalty in your city by +8 Loyalty per turn and can implement special gameplay effects which will improve various aspects of a cities performance; for example City Defense or Gold production.

There are 7 Governors in all and each one of the seven different Governor types focuses on a particular gameplay aspect, such as Defense, Religion or City production, each Governor has distinct abilities which in turn enhances the city he is posted to.

Governors can be promoted which gains that governor more bonuses

Governors are obtained by using Governor Titles which are unlocked throughout the game. Primarily through the Civics tree by researching State Workforce and Craftsmanship and by building Government Plaza district and it’s buildings. Then you can recruit new governors and assign him or her to one of your cities.

You can only have one Governor in each city, you may use all 7 Governors or less if you wish. Governors can be moved from city to city in your Civilization depending on where you need their abilities the most.

At each new appointment the Governor will need a number of turns, normally 5 turns to establish himself or herself in a city. However once you assign a Governor to a city the +8 Loyalty per turn bonus starts immediately.

Each Governor starts with one active ability, but can be Promoted to acquire their other bonuses. Again this is done by acquiring Titles, with each Governor Title you may either hire a new Governor or promote an existing Governor, selecting a new ability for him or her.

Governor Amani The Diplomat

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Ability: Can be assigned to a City State ( Amani is the only Governor who can be assigned to a city state) and acts as 2 Envoys

Governor Amani Promotions 
Emissary: All foreign cities in range of the city this Governor is in lose -2 Loyalty to your Civilization.

Prestige: All Domestic Cities in range of the city this Governor is in receives +2 Loyalty to your Civilization.

Affluence: Receive a copy of the luxuries in the City State this  Governor is in.

Promoter: +4 Amenities in the City this Governor are in

Puppeteer: Doubles the number of Envoys you have in the City State this Governor is in.

Since Governor Amani is the only Governor that can be appointed to a city state this Governor is great for securing unfriendly territory as she can count as two envoys to quickly allow you to gain the loyalty of a city state. Place her in your newly founded cities that are close to your border with another Civilization.

Governor Victor

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Ability: Increases City Garrison combat strength by +5

Governor Victor’s Promotions
Garrison Commander
: Units defending within the city’s territories receives +5 combat strength.

Defence Logistics: a City Governor Victor is in cannot be put under siege.

Security Expert: Enemy Spies operate at 2 levels below normal in this city.

Embrasure: City gains an additional ranged strike per turn.

Air Defence Initiative: +25% combat strength to anti air units within cities territory when defending aircraft and ICBM’s

Governor Victor as you can tell from his abilities is a military-focused governor who you’ll want to keep near your most volatile border. You can assign him to a strategic point, such as the frontline of a war or a vital port. He can be moved quickly too as he is the only Governor who doesn’t not take 5 turns to move to a new city, so if a new front opens and you need to deploy some defense fast Victor is your man.

Governor Liang The Surveyor

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Ability: All builders trained in the city Governor Liang receive +1 Build charge.

Governor Liang’s Promotion
+30% Production towards city centre and government plaza buildings

Aquaculture: The fishery unique improvement can be built in the city on coastal tiles. Yields 1 food -1 food if adjacent or a sea resource.

Zoning Commissioner: +20 Production towards constructing district in the city.

Amusement: +30% Production towards Entertainment Complex and Water park buildings in the city.

Parks and Recreation: The city park unique improvement can be built in the city. Yields +1 amenity if adjacent to water.

Governor Liang is best used in cities with low production and low food output. She is an expert in efficiency and skilled at all things related to building and construction. With the extra build charge your builder will receive makes her a great Governor to have in a city where you plan to build lots of buildings.

Governor Magnus, The Steward

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Ability:  +50% Yields from plat harvests and feature removals in the city.

Governor Magnus Promotion
Surplus Logistics
: +20% Food growth in the city. Your trade routes ending here provide +2 food to their starting city.

Provision: +20% Production towards Industrial Zone buildings in the city. Settlers trained in the city do not consume a population.

Industrialist: +1 Production per turn f rom each Strategic resource in the city.

Black Marketeer: Strategic resources are not required in the city in order to build resource dependent units.

Vertical Integration: the city receives Production from any Industrial Zones within 5 tiles, not just the first tile.

Governor Magnus is skilled in procuring valuable resources when needed. He is also skilled in optimising the overall production in the city. Best placed in a city where you have a lots trade routes and production.

Governor Moksha. The Cardinal

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Ability: Religious pressure to adjacent cities is 100% stronger.

Governor Moksha Promotions
Grand Inquisitor:  +10% Religious Strength in the Theological Combat in tiles of this city.

Divine Architect: +20% Production toward Holy site buildings in the city.

Laying on of Hands: Governors religious units heal fully in one turn in tiles of this city.

Citadel of God: City ignores pressure and combat effects from Religions not founded by the Governors player.

Patron Saint: Apostles and Warrior Monks trained in the city receive 1 extra promotion when receiving their first promotion.

Governor Moksha is a Spiritual and Religious leader that will increase Religious strength of a city, and Religious units. Moksha should be placed in a city with a Holy Site.

Governor Pingala The Educator

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Ability: 15% increase in Science and Culture generated by the city.

Governor Pingala Promotions:
: +20% Production towards Theatre Square buildings in the city.

Researcher: +20% Production towards Campus buildings in the city.

Grants: +100% Great People Points generated per turn in the city.

Arms Race Proponent: 30% Production increase to all Nuclear armament projects in the city.

Space Initiative: 30% Production increase to all Space Program projects in the city.

Governor Pingala is best placed in a city where you have or are planning to build a Science and Culture Districts, and later on he is good for pushing Production on Arms and Space projects.

Governor Reyna, The Financier

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Ability:  Acquire new tiles in a city faster.

Governor Reyna Promotions:
Harbor Master:
 Double adjacency bonuses from Commercial Districts and Harbors in the city.

Foreign Exchange: +3 Gold per turn from each Foreign Trade route passing through the city.

Tax Collector: +2 Gold per turn from each Citizen in the city.

Contractor:  Allows city to purchase Districts with Gold.

Curator: +100% Tourism from Great Works of Art, Music and Writing in the city.

Governor Reyna is best situated in a city with a Commercial District and Banking as she is good for boosting the economy and if you are doing well on Gold in the city she stationed at in late game she can be moved to another city to achieve the same.

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