Civilization VI for Switch is getting close

Have you ever played a Civilization game? I haven’t, although I had heard about the game before it was announced for the Switch. It’s a game that has a huge fan base. Fans that lovingly call the game series CIV.

With the game coming to my favorite console I felt it was time to take a good look at what this game is about. Looking at the rather steep price tag I felt I had to know more before I committed my finances to it. After all, I had given myself permission to buy either Let’s Go Eevee or Civilization VI. Im pretty sure some of you call me crazy over the choice I made. But you see, I am prepared!

Catching them all or hours of instruction

First off, I checked the iOS App Store. And sure enough, CIV  6 was there. Free to download, with in app purchases. You can play 60 turns for free. Plus there’s an extensive tutorial teaching you the ropes. For me, I it gave me a pretty good idea of the gameplay.

Civilization 6

I don’t think I have ever before played a tutorial that takes hours. There is so much to learn, that I had trouble remembering it all. It might deter some players from even trying, but I love an intricate game. One that you have to study on to play well. I love city builders as well, and the fact that you don’t have to be a sort of Genghis Kahn and fight everyone to win, is a plus for me. After all, you can also be victorious through science, culture and more.

Bawled over by the visuals on mobile

You know how I’m very partial to visuals. And I can tell you, on the mobile version the visuals are stunning. Combined with the voice of Sean Bean ( Boromir in LOTR) reading the narrative I could watch the clips on and on!

I was briefly tempted to buy the full version in iOS. After all, compared to the Switch version, it’s much cheaper. Think € 21,99 versus € 49,99. But I didn’t. I want this game on my Switch, to take with me everywhere.

I know it will mean that there’s no online multiplayer but that’s fine. I’m very content to play against the computer!

Civilization 6

Intense training program

If you think it’s just me thinking this will be a game that takes a while to get the hang off, you’re wrong. Publisher 2K has been spreading the word with instruction videos. Apparently it’s a good idea to get a head start.

I’m going to leave you with all three videos. They can be watched in the American Switch eShop as well, but I noticed they aren’t in the European eShop. Anyway, let me know if you are tempted as well!


  1. I sunk hundreds of hours on the first two Civ games. Alpha Centauri (basically Civ on an alien world) was brill too. The later sequels got too complicated for me, but I might give the Switch edition a chance. Coming out at the same time as Pokémon is going to hurt its sales though.

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