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CLeM Demo Impressions

CLeM is an upcoming mystery game developed by Mango Protocol and due to be published in Quarter 4 of 2023 by Iceberg Interactive. The CLeM demo is available on Steam (Windows).

LadiesGamer steam CLeM demo
Exploring the Kitchen


You are awakened by a voice demanding you to “bring me beauty”.  The playable character is a child’s toy. Appearance-wise, the playable toy character looks like ‘Sackboy’ from Little Big Planet. The CLeM demo starts you within a dark room, that’s cold and damp. Maybe a basement, or a cellar? You don’t remember, no idea if you’ve been there for a long time or not.

Narratively, this beginning of CLeM heightens the idea that you are a toy that has been neglected for a long time. What’s a special detail that you find a mysterious notebook in the nape of your neck, with a cover saying ‘CLeM’. In the book, there are details of some mysterious signs of virtues and insects related to those symbols.

When you are wondering what these signs can mean, you hear the voice again: “bring me beauty”

LadiesGamer steam CLeM demo
CLeM Notebook


CLeM is a mystery puzzle exploration game in which you must solve puzzles to acquire items to interact with other game objects to acquire the items necessary to progress the narrative. The demo features many mysteries and puzzles to solve to acquire the requested beautiful item. You have to explore the apparently abandoned house, with only the voice and the notebook to keep you company. Meanwhile, you have to craft magic toys to delve into hidden secrets and spots you can’t otherwise reach.

I would suggest increasing the walking speed of the character when you’re in the options. This will speed up the backtracking to interactable elements to solve puzzles. The playable character stores the items within the nape of their neck. Additionally, items can be combined to create an item that may require two items in use simultaneously.

Reading into the context presented within the game, it hints at much darker theming and horror elements. I didn’t feel this yet in the demo, but this should be demonstrated in the full release.

LadiesGamer steam CLeM demo
In the Greenhouse


The game visuals are all presented in a 2D simple hand-drawn art style, all from a 1-Point room perspective. Many indie titles on Steam feature a hand-drawn art style, such as MELATONIN, King of Canvas, PAPER PLANET and CREAKS. This makes the world and the interactable objects consistent within the world.

LadiesGamer steam CLeM demo
Final Hallway

Final Thoughts

The demo features controller support and keyboard controls for your own preference. The demo itself could take you anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes to complete. You can pick up the CLeM demo here and if you like what you see, add the title to your Steam Wishlist.

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