Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ Review (Switch)

Game: Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~
Genre: Visual Novel, Otome, Adventure
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer|Publisher: Idea Factory | Aksys Games
Age Rating: EU 12+ / US: Teen
Price: USD $39.99 |CAD $50.39 |AUS$ 60.00| UK £35.99 |EU €39,99
Release Date: 23 April 2020

Review code used, with many thanks to Aksys Games!


Before you begin reading, I am obliged to tell you that Code: Realize ~Future Blessings~ is the direct sequel to Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ that was released on the Switch back in February 2020. As such, it’s nigh impossible to write a review for Future Blessings without there being spoilers for Guardian of Rebirth.

I will say, however, that Future Blessings was a delight to play! So if you love otome games and visual novels, I would recommend you play both of these games in their proper order. Thank you.

May the future bless you

Let us once again step into the shoes of Cardia, beloved heroine of the Code: Realize series. I am not being facetious; I think Cardia is one of the best otome heroines I have ever playedbold, brave, a quick learner, helpful in a tough spot. She has a lot more personality than some of the other leading ladies of otome games I have played.

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings
Start it up!

After an absolutely charming intro video and song, you will be taken to the main menu, where you can choose to start a new story, view the extras, or hang out with Delly (Delacroix II, the now child-leader of the vampires). 

Obviously, if you’re just starting a new game, there aren’t going to be many extras to view; you can’t even access Delly’s Room until you’ve completed at least one story.

So let us select “New Game” and move on to the real meat of this review!

You have selected “New Game”

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings

There is a lot of quality story and content to be had in Future Blessings. Insert helpful list now:

  • After Story ~White Rose~
  • Another Story ~Lupin’s Gang~
  • Extra Story ~Herlock Sholmes~
  • Extra Story ~Finis~

Number 1: ~White Rose~ is where you will go to see how Cardia and her beloved are doing after the events of Guardian of Rebirth. 

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings
Who was your white rose? Mine was Victor! <3

The nice thing about this is that you can simply go into White Rose and select whichever man you want. My favourite beau was Victor Frankenstein, and it was nice that I could just go directly in and watch the story of how their love is blooming and growing. 

In Guardian of Rebirth you had to play through all the stories of the other eligible bachelors in order to unlock the Lupin storyline. There is no need for that here; if Lupin was your favourite man, you can simply head into White Rose and feel your heart flutter immediately to the beat of his romance drum. 

One thing about all the stories in White Rose is that they are simply that: stories. There are no choices to affect the outcomes. You are simply watching how Cardia and X-man’s relationship keeps turning out. 

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings
I’ve said it twice, and I’ll say it thrice: my heart belongs to Victor.

Number 2: ~Lupin’s Gang~

Here, again, is just a nice visual novel romp through the hijinks of Lupin’s gang, a colourful cast of characters that we never got to meet in Guardian of Rebirth.

Just like in White Rose, there are no choices to be made. It is a fun little story to read through that will shed light on things that happened behind the scenes during the events of the first game.

Number 3: ~Herlock Sholmes~

Now we get into the juicy stuff! If you’re like me, while playing through the first game, you saw Herlock Sholmes and thought: “What a hilarious name, I bet they couldn’t get the rights to use the name ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and had to do it like this!”

Of course, if you play the first game and complete the true Lupin ending, you’ll know that’s not the case… 

Moving on! If you’re also like me, you probably looked at Herlock and thought: “Wow, he’s cute! I bet he’s a secret unlockable romance character!”

Of course, if you’ve played the first game you will know that is sadly not the case.

Well, now you can play through a story that (likely) took place during the events of the first game, and have that romance you always wanted! Woo! 

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings
I’ve got a thing for dudes with long hair.

Number 4: ~Finis~

If you have played through the first game, you’ll know that your younger brother Finis met a very tragic end. 

Well, Future Blessings gives Finis another chance; you’ll still be playing as Cardia, but what would have happened if she’d made different choices that had brought her even closer to Finis? Exciting, right?!

I love reading alternate stories and things that happened behind the scenes that I didn’t know about before. It’s part of why Prisoner of Azkaban is my second favourite Harry Potter novel. Seeing the reveal of Peter Pettigrew, and then seeing it again from the perspective of the Harry who goes back into the past… it’s just so interesting!

Are you sure you want to save over this data?

Visually and musically, the game is just as stunning as the first game. In fact, I would say that it surpasses the first game a little bit. Getting to see all my favourite handsome men dressed up in white tuxes and top hats… it’s a feast for the eyes.

LadiesGamers Code Realize Future Blessings

Like I said in the beginning, the intro video song is awesome. It perfectly encapsulates the feeling of this game. 

Final verdict

If you have Guardian of Rebirth, first play through all of it until you’ve gone through Lupin’s story. Then, if you enjoyed the stories and the hunky men, definitely get Future Blessings. 

I would not recommend that you jump into Future Blessings without playing through the first game, as there are a lot of references to things that happened in the first game that characters are constantly talking about. Sure, there’s a bit of exposition, but I feel that it would be difficult to fully enjoy Future Blessings without Guardian of Rebirth.

The game is fully voiced by the same amazing voice actors from the first game, so I’ll say it again: if you’re taking this time to study Japanese and want to immerse yourself in the language, then these games are definitely for you.

Oh, and if you like romance and husky male voices telling you how much they cherish you… this is totally the game for you!

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot!

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