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Connect Bricks Review

Game: Connect Bricks
Genre: Puzzle, Board Game, Strategy, Educations
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Mobile)
Developers | Publishers: Alcyone Studio
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $9.98 | UK £8.89 | EU € 9,98
Release Date: July 9th, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Alcyone Studio

Connect Brick was originally released on mobile as Brick Number Knot. Now the game has made its way to the Nintendo Switch.

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Connect the bricks

Coloured Bricks

In Connect Bricks, which I have to say looks a lot like LEGO bricks on a flat board. As I’m sure you have gathered by looking at the pictures you are tasked with filling in the grid by matching the coloured bricks together and filling the entire board. Additionally, the coloured bricks you match together must not overlap into another line of different coloured bricks.

A short tutorial greets you when you first start the game. As the game is quite simplistic I’m not sure a tutorial is needed, but it is there if you don’t know what to do. Like most puzzle games it is easy at the start and then the challenge increases.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
competed board

Match the Colours

While you are matching the colours and being careful not to overlap the bricks the game counts how many moves you have made to complete the puzzle. The fewer moves you make means more stars awarded at the end of the puzzle. The stars awarded for fewer moves don’t actually do anything in the game as far as I can tell. You just need to complete the previous puzzle with one star to open the next puzzle. There isn’t any add-on to buy in-game with the stars, as it is the same puzzle mechanics in all 2000 puzzles.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
looks like LEGO to me.

2000 Puzzles

The 2000 puzzles in Connect Bricks are split into sections depending on the size of the board. Multiple grid sizes, from 5 x 5 all the way up to boards that are 14 x 14 in size. There is a good variety in the size of the boards, from small to large.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
Large board

This is where the game falls down slightly. There may be lots of different sized boards but it is exactly the same gameplay throughout all the levels. No new mechanics are introduced to the player at all. So the game gets a tad boring and repetitive by the time you get to say level 30 never mind level 2000.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
Finished puzzle

Visuals and Controls

Connect Bricks, certainly has the look of LEGO blocks about it, it is bright and full of colour. There isn’t any soundtrack or music of any kind. This game is as basic as they come, instead of some pleasing music there is a ping, plop sound as you trace a line to the next brick. One music track on repeat might have been better than the irritating ping plop sounds.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
The really large puzzle board

Connect Bricks can be controlled either by the touchscreen or using the joy-cons. The touchscreen does work aright, but there were times my finger would remove previously placed lines of bricks by accident. Using the touchscreen and how well it will work will really depend on what size of fingers you have.

connect Bricks LadiesGamers
three stars


Connect Bricks is a simplistic puzzle game. There sure are plenty of puzzles to complete in it, enough to keep you busy for a while. Priced as it is on the eShop is very steep for a game that is free on mobile. I understand there are costs included in the porting of such games from mobile to Switch. But I do think that is a very high price for a game that is basically the same in all 2000 levels.

While I do like the gameplay for a quick pick up and play session I wouldn’t be rushing to download it at that price point, my advice would be to maybe wait for a sale to purchase the game on the Switch!

Final Verdict: I Like It   I like it

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