Controller for your app gaming disguised as an old favorite!

Earlier in the week I commented about the Time Travelling app game Chronology, a side scrolling adventure that even made me forget that I normally don’t like platformers. ( Though this game made the controls on the iPad screen easy to control, as it’s often the case in App gaming, it can be tricky to click the buttons and still maintain a good view of your touch screen. So when I came across this little gadget on the internet, it caught my attention. Being a fan of Nintendo makes this Bluetooth controller for app gaming even more special!

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It looks a lot like a NES controller! They named it the NES30 pad, 30 because the Nintendo console is now 30 years old, if you count the Japanese Famicom launch in 1983. To update it to modern times, they’ve added two action buttons, and it has two shoulder buttons too. I won’t make this article into marketing for the controller, but if you want to read the hardware review for it, you will find it here: 

Decide for yourself if this is a good one for your Christmas wish list!


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