Coral Island: Kickstarter Campaign Coming

Wholesome Feel-Good Gameplay

We’re always on the lookout for a nice Kickstarter campaign. One that caught our attention recently is a farming simulation game set on a sunny tropical island called Coral. The developers for Coral Island, Stairway Games, say that Coral Island is a re-imagined farming sim and includes wholesome feel-good gameplay. The game will be set in a South-East Asia inspired world.

First off, you can customise your character, however you would like it. The game includes an ethnically diverse cast of characters. Coral island will have a variety of outfits, accessories and different body styles to choose from. You can express your style by choosing what suits you best. You can choose to conform to the community or be different and unique. There is no wrong answer because there is only one of you in Coral Island!

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Farming and Ranch Animals

Farming plays a big part in Coral island. You will be able to grow crops and nurture cute ranch animals. Build your dream farm by deciding what crops to grow. And decide which animals to nurture and what structures you want to build on your farm.

The ranch animals you chose to care for will have little emote indicators to let you know when they need attending to. Such as a heart to let you know they need petting, or a pair of shears to indicate they need to be sheared. A little cow head emote will let you know when the cows need milking. Once you have attended to your animals the emote indicators will disappear. 

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Help the Coral in the Reefs

Farming isn’t the only job to do on Coral Island as the Coral reefs need attention too. It’s interesting that the developers want to promote environmental awareness through their gameplay. So, you will be able to dive into the ocean to restore the coral reefs! Help to clean up the sea bed to make a home for rare fish. The kelp you collect from the ocean around Coral island can be used to increase the quality of livestock and crops you grow on the farm.

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Explore the Caverns

After you have spent time on the farm you can go exploring deep into the caverns to mine precious gemstones. And use the loot you find to upgrade your tools and farm. The caverns aren’t empty of danger, monsters will protect rare finds so it’s important to bring a weapon or two!

Stairway Games plan on having over forty islanders living on Coral island, coming from all walks of life. You can get to know each and every one of them by chatting and giving gifts to the islanders.

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Find that Special Someone

You might even find that special someone among the islanders as fifteen singles are ready to mingle. If you’re lucky you might sweep them off their feet and find the forever one! You’ll find out what their personalities are and ask them out on a date and maybe fall in love. Aww! There’s the possibility to unlock various relationship scenes and when you’re ready, you can build a life together at the farm. You also have the choice of having children in your happy relationship and live happily on the farm.

Visit the town and take part in community projects to build and liven up the town. You’ll have the opportunity to help the outdated merchants such as the blacksmith to be able to process rare ores and make new tools.

Hold on to any extra gold you find as it will come in useful to add a community garden for the local islanders and help them build a brand new museum and much more.

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In Coral Island it will be up to you to write your own story. Grow your farm, explore the island, learn new skills or chill at the tavern getting to know the locals. All of this can be done at your own leisurely pace with no pressure. Sounds good to me.

Upcoming Kickstarter

Stairway Games has stated they would like to add co-op or multiplayer elements to Coral Island but they don’t have the funds to do that at the moment. A Kickstarter campaign will be starting for Coral Island on the 1st February 2021. You can find the link to the pre-launch Kickstarter page hereMeanwhile you can wish list the game on Steam here

The developers are aiming for early access hopefully between Q3/Q4 of 2021. Before that they are planning a closed pre-alpha in Q2 2021. And of course, over here at LadiesGamers we hope it will eventually come to Switch as well! 

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