Cricktogame review (Switch)

Game: Cricktogame
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Polygon-e
Developer: Polygon-e Studio
Age Rating: UK 3/ USA E
Price: €4,99 | $5.49 | £4.49
Release Date: November 7 2018

Review Code kindly provided by Polygon-e

In the mood for a puzzle game? In Cricktogame you are presented with a game board of different, brightly coloured hexagon shapes which are connected with white rods. On each hexagon shape bar one is a circle game piece, the players goal is to move the circles to the hexagon of the matching colour. Sounds simply enough eh?

Want to keep it Basic or go for Deluxe?

Two modes of play are available, Basic and Deluxe mode.

Basic mode has 52 puzzles to complete, all with a timer. Don’t like the time pressure? You can take as long as you wish to finish the puzzle. The timer is only there for those that like to improve their moves and challenge themselves. After all, some players love to strive to complete the puzzle in a quicker time then in their last attempt.

The game takes note of how many moves it takes you to finish the puzzle but again there is no penalty for making lots of moves. Cricktogame has a tutorial section which tells you everything you need to know, but the game is pretty easy to understand.

Deluxe mode includes 82 puzzles, however the puzzles in deluxe mode are slightly different, some of the rods can’t be used unless they are the same colour as the game piece your moving, or blank pieces coloured grey are mixed into the puzzle and these pieces change colour only when they reach the right Cricktogame hexagon.

No need to unlock higher levels

Both modes of gameplay are open from the start, as are all the puzzles in each mode. It’s a good idea: when you get stuck on a puzzle you can come back to it later. This option stops you getting frustrated with the game.

All puzzles have a retry option which re-sets all the game pieces back to where they where at the start of the puzzle. Very handy when you’ve made a lot of moves but end up in a pickle.

A colourful display, good controls and retro music

It’s a lovely bright coloured game and the touchscreen works extremely well. Using the joy-cons works perfectly well too, so you can make your own choice.

If you change to different coloured Joy-cons whilst playing Cricktogame  the frame around the puzzle board will change colour to match the Joy-Cons attached. As you can see from the pictures in this review my joy-cons are Red. I’ve one grey joy-con attached for some of the pictures, I think this is a very nice touch to the game. It doesn’t change the game play in any way but I think it’s cool. 😎

The music to accompany the game play has two tracks to choose from. Both have a kind of retro theme. Need peace and quiet to do your thinking? Then turn off the music and game sounds completely.


I like Cricktogame, it reminds me of a sliding tile puzzle toy ( 15 numbered tiles in a closed grid with one tile missing) that I used to play as a child a long time ago. 😜

Cricktogame controls very well and I have enjoyed solving the puzzles. I play it mostly in 10 minute bursts or in between other games I’ve been playing. You do have to study the board before starting. Planning a path before moving the pieces is the way to go, so a wee bit of strategy is involved.

For the price of Cricktogame there is enough gameplay to last a few hours and more if your playing on the go with a shorter playtime. 

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