Cross-save CIV 6 across platforms

Civilization VI, or CIV 6 as it’s lovingly called by the fans, has received an update. Not the expansion packs we were waiting for, but an update of another kind.

The game now supports cross-platform cloud saves on Nintendo Switch and Steam. So you can play a game on the one device, save it to your 2K account, and continue playing on the other device. With the Switch being a great handheld console for when you are traveling, you can choose to continue on your PC.

Nice, especially when you consider a match can take quite a time to win. Just one more turn! Of course, you need to create a 2K account and link it up with the Switch and Steam versions of the game.

Here’s the tweet:



  1. I won’t use it, but cool they put in the effort!
    I’m currently back to Xenobalde 2, playing the Torna expansion.
    I love it! They made some changes, but after a couple of hours you don’t even notice anymore.
    I can really recommend it to fans of the series!

    1. I loved my time in Xenoblade 2 too, wasn’t the Torna expansion though. Got stuck on a monster I couldn’t defeat and haven’t been back since. But it is, as you say, a great game for anyone who likes a good RPG.

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