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Cube Decider Review

Game: Cube Decider
Genre: Puzzle, RPG
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, (Windows) & PlayStation)
Developers | Publishers: DillyFrame Games
Age Rating: US E10+ | EU 3+
Price: US $3.99 | UK £3.59 | EU € 3,99
Release Date: June 23rd, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to DillyFrame Games.

Diilyfrane games have released Cube Decider, a puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch. Previously I reviewed another of their games on the Switch, Broken Pipe.

cube decider LadiesGamers
Find the exit

Be a Cube

Cube Decider is a simple little game and one that is not hard to understand. That’s probably just as well, considering the game hasn’t a tutorial or instructions. You play as a cube, with arms and legs and an all-important sword. Throughout each of the fifty levels, the game’s goal is to weave your way through a stone wall maze to the exit.

Numerous enemies are in your way, as well as spiked traps and fire pits, so you’ll use your logic skills to get to the exit. You’ll collect power-ups, upgrade your stats, and decide whom and when to attack in the maze.

cube decider LadiesGamers
kill the enemies

A Cube with a Sword

As a cube, you start each level with default stats values of one damage point, five health points and no armour points. You choose which stationary enemies to attack and in which order. The cube enemies also have a sword, and some have a sword and shield. Sword and shield enemies are harder to kill than their none shield counterparts.

Basically, your task is to attack the enemies in the right order to have enough health and armour to make it through the level to the exit point. That makes Cube Decider a puzzle game in my book, so I’m not sure where the RPG tag is applied to the game.

cube decider LadiesGamers
Watch out for spikes

Puzzle or RPG?

Let me explain why I say that. Your cube picks up cards in the levels, but the cards don’t do anything, such as give you an extra life or add to the gameplay; the cards are just collectables. Your cube stats are low, but as you kill enemies and find extra swords and hearts in a level, your cubes’ stats grow.

However, once you exit and start the next level, all your cubes’ well-earned stats reset back to their starting levels, as you don’t carry any extra swords or stats over to the next level. That’s the strangest set-up for an RPG I’ve ever played. Normally in RPG gameplay, all of your armour and stats do not disappear when you move to a new area.

cube decider LadiesGamers
Collect cards

Fifty Levels

Cube Decider fifty levels are set in the same environment with little to differentiate the levels from each other. The enemies, cards and collectables are easy enough to spot as you can spin the camera around. The maze walls also disappear if your cube walks too close to them, which I liked, meant I could see my cube at all times. It is not a difficult game to play unless the cube dies a lot, which can be frustrating when it happens.

cube decider LadiesGamers
handy map in case your cube gets lost


Graphically the game is fine, it is not going to blow you away with its glossy looks, but it gets the job done. In addition, a chirpy tune is a soundtrack to your cubes’ adventure; unfortunately, the music gets repetitive after a while. Sound effects of metal swords clashing when you fight are a nice addition.

cube decider ladiesgamers
invisible walls


While I played through the fifty levels of Cube Decider, I did enjoy the game for a while. It is not the worse game out there, but on the other hand, it is not the best game either. However, for a couple of pounds in the eShop, I’d still be hesitant to recommend it as it left me with a feeling off…. well, that it was kind of pointless after finishing it.

Final Verdict: I’m Not Sure  I'm not sure

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