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Cubic Figures Review

Game: Cubic Figures
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
System: Steam (Windows) (also available on Nintendo Switch & PS4)
Developers | Publishers: DillyFrame | DillyFrame
Controller Support: Yes
Price: US $3.99 | UK £ 3.39 | EU € 3,99
Release Date: May 17th, 2023

Review code used, with many thanks to DillyFrame.

Cubic Figures is a 2022 minimalistic puzzle game by DillyFrame that was released this year on Steam.

Cubic Figures A puzzle in progress.
A puzzle in progress.


Cubic Figures is a game that can be described as a simple yet challenging puzzle game. You have to fit clusters of squares into a frame with the goal of fitting them all.

Cubic Figures Some helpful instructions.
Some helpful instructions.


The game has three difficulty levels, easy, middle, and hard, each with 50 different levels. So 150 levels in total. The clusters of blocks kind of look like domino pieces and can be rotated using the Q and E buttons on the keyboard. When you pick up a block cluster, you fit it into the frame with the mouse. You can also use a gamepad, and in that case, the game gives instructions on how to use it at the beginning of the game. 

There is no timer, which makes for a very chill experience; you can take as much time as you need. When picking up blocks to fit, you should know that some of them are stacked on each other. So it would be a good strategy to see all the blocks you have before starting the puzzle. For some reason, when picking up some blocks, there was a minor and fleeting resistance to moving them. 

Cubic Figures A neon animal.
A neon animal.


Cubic Figures is described as minimalistic by its developers, and rightly so; the blocks and the frame have a hint of glowing neon colours. However, the puzzle is on a “night sky” background. The music is also appropriately chosen to not distract from the puzzles themselves, and it fits with the space theme. If you find the glowing effect uncomfortable, there are options to reduce the light effect on the blocks in the Settings menu. 

Cubic Figures Three Difficulty Levels.
Three Difficulty Levels.


As mentioned above, you can choose the difficulty at the beginning of the game. Still, even within a group of puzzles with the same difficulty level, there is a progression, allowing you to get used to the game mechanics. 

Cubic Figures‘ difficulty increases gradually, which means players can take their time to learn the game mechanics before moving on to more challenging levels.

Cubic Figures 50 puzzles in each of the 3 difficulty levels.
50 puzzles in each of the three difficulty levels.


With its simple yet challenging gameplay, Cubic Figures is a fun addition to the casual puzzle genre. The game’s content is more than enough for a few hours of fun. 

Final Verdict: I like it
I like it




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