Snacko simulation game

Cute, Colourful and Casual gaming: Snacko

This might just be the start of a new series on LadiesGamers, giving some much needed TLC to the kind of games we love. One of our readers brought this project to my attention ( thanks, Sparky!) so this will be our first entry. Games that have a big chunk of the colorful, cute and cuddly!

Snacko: farming sim with cats

Indie developers are hard at work all over the globe to bring their games to market. Some through funding platforms like Kickstarter or Fig, others find another starting point for their journey.

Snacko came to life as a team effort by husband and wife Jordan and Erisa, based in Vancouver. They worked on it after their daytime job, originally inspired by Octopath. Here’s what Erisa wrote on the Unrealengine Forum:

“We’re using some Paper2D features as well as regular 3D workflows for the environments. When Octopath was originally announced, I thought it was the coolest thing to combine traditional pixel art sprites with fancy depth of field, dynamic lighting, etc., so we wanted to try our hand at a project with a similar aesthetic. It ended up looking very different to suit the tone of our game, as well as our gameplay itself evolving over time, but it was inspiring seeing the devs behind Octopath using UE and making it work for them.

Snacko simulation game

Snacko started out as more of an adventure type game where we drew a lot of inspiration from 2D Zelda games like Minish Cap, but I wanted to add in some farming elements just because I’m a huge fan of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory style games. Some ended up being the majority, as we shifted the mechanics to centre more around farming and town building, with mini-dungeons and explorable areas as enrichment for the rest of the experience.”

Still a long way to go

Yes, it may take some time before we hear anything definite about this game. But the promise is there, as we can read on their website Snacko Land

Snacko simulation game

The game will have farming, fishing, cooking, crafting and some fighting. Find your way through 4 distinct biomes, each with their unique puzzles, recipes, and creatures. Decorate your farm and town to suit your taste.

Tentative release is planned in 2021, but there is so, so much still left to do! Rest assured, we will keep an eye on it!

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