Cyber Sleuth YvoCaro could use some help!

I might as well confess…remember when I had my New Years gaming resolutions? I looked back to where I wrote:

No list of gaming goals, I’ll just go where the mood takes me. As I always have. One exception though: I’m going to try to first play all the fun games on the Vita that I have bought heavily discounted, and give you my reviews. So shortly you can expect the review for Atelier Ayesha Plus, to be followed by Norn9-Var Commons, Persona 4, Atelier Totori and Atelier Mereru. Maybe I will be tempted by Final Fantasy Explorers and Fire Emblem Fates on the 3DS though…

Hmmm. I was right about Atelier Ayesha and Persona 4, still playing that one right now with 45 hours of gameplay on the clock. But I haven’t been tempted enough by Final Fantasy Explorers though. And I didn’t get around to both other Atelier titles or Norn9.

So here’s my confession: I bought another game, one I didn’t expect, I bought Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth on my Vita. It was one of my quick actions, I read several articles about it, encountered several enthusiastic gaming friends who were having such fun with it. And I was sold. Now I can call myself a Cyber Sleuth! The game is enjoyable, good fun to do, I like the visuals (well, most of the visuals. I could have done without all the emphasis on some parts of the female anatomy). I’ve collected quite a few Digimon already and battles are going very well.

digimon story, cyber sleuth, kyoko, detective agencyThere’s one problem though. This sleuth is pretty much clueless. You have to know that the world of Digimon is totally new to me. With my daughter growing up I had some Pokémon experience, but she never watched Digimon. So I have no idea which Mon is worth having, what to do with all the medals I pick up everywhere. I just can’t wrap my brain around the Digimon farm, what are those critters doing there? Should I talk to each and everyone around town, like in Pokémon? What to do when I get a mask,  should I equip it or not? I’m doing the little jobs the detective agency sets out for me, but they all seem so simple!

See, I’m a complete Noob here. I know a few of you readers are playing the game too. Can you tell me about the world of Digimon?terriermon, digimon story, cyber sleuth, starter digimon


    1. So you don’t have to hold on to the medals? And you can’t have many Digimon in your party right? I’ve just had to let one go back to data as I didn’t have any more space anywhere.

      1. From what I understand it is okay to sell the medals you find in order to make some cash and gain certain rewards. It seems like you are limited by memory on how many Digimon you can have in your active party, which is why I place the reserves in the farm to do something constructive.

    1. I hadn’t played anything on my 3DS for two months already, my games on the Vita really keep me occupied. Let me know what you think of Cyber Sleuth!

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