DaemonXMachina Prologue Demo Impressions (Nintendo Switch)

After the latest Nintendo direct (you can see our post here). A new demo for the upcoming mech action game, DaemonXMachina released. You can read my thoughts on the first demo here. The full game will release on the 13th of September exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Your save data from this demo can carry over into the full game.


At first it appears as if this demo is almost the same as the last one. Albeit with more story scenes, and the new improvements. After the first couple of missions you will see completely different ones, and a lot more characters. This demo has six story missions and two free missions. As well as two co-op ones, which feature Colossus Immortal (really big evil AI robots).

Now before missions not only do they talk in the briefing, but we also see the characters in the same hangar area as ourselves. From this you get a lot more personality. Their animations and expressions are quite lacking. Yet they have varied designs and voice acting to express the characters fully. This helps build on the different factions that are now part of the world. So throughout the missions you will get to see more of what these factions are like and how they interact with each other. The consortiums are the groups that have their own territories and employ the mercenaries for jobs. While the reclaimer groups are groups of mercenaries that work together for various reasons.

X Machina

As it is the actual start of the game, it isn’t until after a couple of missions you are taught about picking up equipment from defeated enemies. From then in-between missions you can use those parts to upgrade your arsenal. Provided your have enough memory from your processor. There is also a store that you can buy parts from. A factory option allows you to develop or customize equipment, some of which will require battle data or blue prints.

After finishing the last story mission available in the demo, you can request one of them as a partner. This requires you to pay their contract free but you can use them in free missions, and possible later in the game. It is important to check the mission reward as the cost may result in you losing money.

You can also receive messages, from Four, different consortiums and individuals. New ones will pop up after you complete certain missions. So far it seems there is no way to respond to them. The hangar area also has a bit more life in it with nameless maintenance workers and a dog. Sadly, you cannot pet the dog. Another thing that wasn’t in the first demo is the testing ground. Where you can change some settings and practice combat without losing any credits.

There was actually something lacking in this demo that was in the previous. As I mentioned in my previous post you could upgrade your Outer (yourself) through a body modification skill tree. Obviously this is to be introduced later in the game. However you can change your appearance at any time, and they added a lot more customization options.

Something not in the previous demo is the Ice Cream Parlor. This is where you can get a single, or double scoop ice cream using credits. Based on the flavours you chose you will get a particular buff for the next mission. Plus you earn stamps, so every eleventh ice cream is free.


One thing not present in the original demo was the ability to play some missions in co-op. This requires a separate Switch system and for the demo is only local connection. Online multiplayer will be available in the full game.

In co-op you can create a room of four. Where you will be able to see each other’s arsenals, and communicate through pre-written messages and emotes. The two missions available in co-op are fights with Colossal Immortal (boss fights). One of which was the big fight in the first demo and a new one. The second one is a train that de-rails. The Strai (evil AI controlled arsenals) were more of a problem than the actual colossal in that fight.  Co-op plays the same as any other mission but you only have each other instead of NPC partners. You can restore each other’s fallen arsenals by standing over them. As these are boss fights they are much tougher than the other missions which are early game.

Performance Enhancements

After the original demo they sent a feedback form for players to respond to. Here you can see that they have responded to most of the common requests and updated the game accordingly.

Many of these are quality of life changes. I find the indicator for where you are getting hit from will be especially helpful to me. Motion controls have also been added which I am thankful for. While I didn’t really notice any performance problems in the initial demo it does feel like it runs smoother. The HUD doesn’t appear to have any options I want but they did increase the text size which is probably why I didn’t notice a problem this time.


I’m happy with the game, and glad co-op works well. A lot of the improvements they’ve made on the game due to the initial demo feedback solve a lot of the problems I had. I’ve never really played a mech game before (although this is a much more action styled one) so certainly some things will take a few tries. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to it’s release on Friday.

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