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Welcome to LadiesGamers Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Quest Guide. When we love a game, we like to make a guide and we have a Tips and Tricks guide as well which you can find here!

As Deiland: Pocket Planet  Edtion has so many quests we thought it might be a good idea to have a guide to help you along. Still on the fence about whether to go for the game or not? Be sure to read our review here. 

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Quest List

Quests… there are a lot of them in Deiland. This is a list of all quests in the game. If you’re looking for help on a particular quest I’ve listed the quests by the NPC who gives Arco the quest. Not all quests can be completed right away, you might have to wait for a particular item or ingredient. And one general tip: if you’re missing an item or ingredient for a quest make sure you check out what each visitor is selling as they might have the item or ingredient you need.

Arco Quests

• Collect two berries from the bushes near the lake.
• Use the hoe to plant 2 pine nuts in a place near the lake. The plant icon will turn from red to blue when you have the correct spot to plant the seed. Don’t put trees all around the lake as you will have to fish out of that lake too, the trees will block your view of the lake when fishing. I put my trees to one side of the lake and left one side free to fish from.
• Go and plant 2 pine nuts near the lake.
• Light a torch in the campfire, walk up to the campfire
• Make a torch in the tent. Light the torch in a campfire.
• Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a workshop. 20 x wood and 10 x stone.
• Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a kitchen. 30 x wood, 50 x stone and 5 x metal bars.
• Extend the house with a laboratory.
• Gather the resources needed to upgrade your house with a laboratory. 50 x wood, 100 x stone and 30 x metal bars.

Mûn Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition quests LadiesGamers

Mûn lands in her airship talk to Mûn at the ship, to receive your first quest.
make a hoe (stone x1 wood x1) to cultivate the soil, then talk to Mun again.

  • Plant a field of carrots with the hoe. Plant the carrots with the hoe at 1 of the 3 fields by your tent. Then talk to Mûn to start the next quest.
  • Make a Hammer. Make a hammer at the tent using wood x1, stone x1. Then talk to Mûn to start the next quest.
  • Make an axe to cut down trees. Make an axe at the tent after collecting the stone, stone x1 wood x2.
  • Build a campfire. Use the axe to gather wood and the hammer to gather stone to make a campfire near the tent using stone x2, wood x4.
  • Light the campfire. Use 2 x wood to light the campfire.
  • Take Mûn to investigate a construction on the hill. Walk Mûn over to the Alter, the strange-looking contraption in the middle of your planet. Be prepared to fight the three monsters that attack you.
  • Make sure the sensor is kept on so you have valid readings of the state of the planet. When the battery starts getting low use the crank on the sensor by pressing A. 
  • When Mûn comes back, she asks for a batwing for her to analyze. You should have one in your items, if not you will have to wait until the planet is attacked by bats, kill one and receive a batwing for your efforts.
  • Prepare two sandwiches for the adventure on Ankora.
    Make two sandwiches in the kitchen using resources from the garden. You will receive cabbage’s from meteors when you hammer them. If you don’t have any cabbages you can buy them from Brram. You can also buy cheese from Brram. 1 x bread, 2 x cabbage and 1 x cheese for each sandwich. During this time Mûn gives you a badge that you can call Mûn back to your planet at any time, except when there is another visitor there.
  • Get 3 metal sheets for Mûn, its 3 metal bars is what it means, you should have them in your pocket. If not go and hit some rocks on the planet and you’ll soon collect enough.
  • Cook a pizza with Mûn’s recipe for the chef Brram. To activate this quest you have to have Brram on your planet and then Mûn will appear to land as well, you have to make her land before he leaves the planet! Then create the pizza using the recipe and give it to Brram. The tomatoes can be purchased from Hute, on the Planet Ankora. The recipe needs 3 x wheat, 2 x tomatoes and 2 x mushrooms
  • Goliath and Mûn, you have to wait for both Goliath and Mûn to be on your planet, then just read the conversation.
  • Yuki, Mûn and the thefts. Wait for Yuki to visit on someone’s ship and stop Bom on the way to your house. Once you have stopped the squirrel Yuki will appear to talk to her.
  • Build a pier on the lake. Using the hammer build a pier on the tiny lake. You’ll need 30 x wood, 4 x rope to build it.
  • Cloak of wind. You get the recipe for the cloak of wind after Nidawi’s rock Crystal quest. Craft the cloak of wind using 4 x thread, 2 x wool, and 1 x sliver bar. Show the cloak of wind to Mûn.
  • Big Challenge. You need Yuki to be on Mûn’s ship to complete this quest. Board Mûn’s ship, you won’t be able to come back to your planet until this quest is completed.
  • Find Mûn. Watch out for the monsters, use the hammer on them and follow the path. You can’t use magic here to fight just the tools.
  • Fight against the demon prince. Tag along with Mûn and spam Mûn’s attack until the Prince gets stunned then attack yourself and use the healing potion you have to heal.
  • Attack the demon prince. You just need to finish off the enemy with Mûn’s attack. Once the fight is over the credits will roll you can start your game again and finish the quests.
  • Read the prince book. Open your inventory and move over to the special menu and open the prince book and read it.
  • The tracker. Install the tracker on Goliath’s ship. Wait for Goliath to visit then go next to the ship’s anchor, you’ll see the option to push it.
  • Follow the signal. After Goliath leaves, you can call Mûn to travel to the Pirate Moon.
  • You will be able to come back to your planet even if you’re not finished but you won’t be able to go to Ankora until you’re done with the Pirate Moon quests.
  • You will need 1 x Gulliver Potion and 1 x Explosive Potion with you.
  • Use a Gulliver Potion and walk on the planks. You can craft it for 2 x Giant Pumpkin.
  • Open a new path. There’s a path blocked by rocks on the left after using the Gulliver Potion.
  • Get close to the rocks and you will automatically drop the Explosive Potion if you have one.
  • Stop Goliath, Use the fire spell and your wand to defeat Goliath.
  • Pirate chest, Open the pirate chest beside the anchor of the ship.
  • Mûn recruits Locke, Wait for Mûn and Locke to visit at the same time.

Brram Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

When you have helped Brram land his spaceship he will ask you to

  • Make a fishing rod and catch a fish from the lake for Brram. Make a fishing rod at the tent using 2x wood 1x metal 1x thread. Then catch a fish at the lake on your planet.
  • Brram gives you the recipe to make fences, use your hammer to craft them. Place at least 5 fences around your crops fields. You need 4 x wood each for each fence, so 18 x wood in all.
  • Cultivate fields of corn and take six cobs of corn to Brram. Using the 1 x corn seed that Brram gives you plant it in the field, water it and just keep planting it and harvesting until you have six cobs.
  • Get these ingredients to make Jello, but to unlock this quest, you need to upgrade your house with a kitchen before you get the quest, you need wood x 30, stone x 50, and metal bars x 5. 
  • Gather the 2 x insect wings by killing the Giant Bees which invade your planet. 3 x limicus can be found by killing the Green slime creatures and then make your dish in the kitchen at the house.
  • Cook some pancakes to surprise Mûn. Use the kitchen to create pancakes for Mun, you can buy milk from Brram. 2 x blueberry, 3 x wheat and 2 x milk is needed.
  • Get an egg for Brram. By now you should have a few chickens roaming around. Feed one of the chickens on your planet until it grows in size, goes poof in a cloud of smoke and turns into an egg!
  • Get a mushroom from the planet Ankora for Brram. Wait until Mûn arrives and hitch a lift to the planet Ankora, pick whatever mushrooms you can find. Return to your planet and wait for Brram to come back, give him the mushrooms.
  • Kill all the bees. Kill all the Giant Bee monsters that appear as soon as you get the quest.
  • Get 5 x crab legs for Brram. Kill crab monsters that appear on your planet to get 5 x crab legs, give them to Brram next time he calls.
  • Grow 8 cabbages for Brram. Brram visits and gives you one cabbage seed, plant it to get more. You should already have some by this stage anyway.
  • Cook a stellar gourmet dish for Goliath. Using 3 x meat, 5 x corn and 5 x toadstools, again by this stage you should have everything. Wait for Goliath to arrive and give him the dish.
  • Make Brram a Gulliver potion. In the laboratory using 10 x pine nuts, 2 x giant pumpkin and 1 x glass bottle.
  • Collect 3 x Algae for Brram. You can buy it from Umi if you don’t have some.
  • Talk about a holiday. Wait for Brram to arrive and talk about a holiday.


Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

  • When Locke arrives, he asks to trade with Arco, since there is an abundance of stones, I traded a 1 x stone. 
  • Make some fabric for the magician Locke. Plant the cotton. Make 2 x wells near the fields to be able to access them and grow 3 x cotton at a time to speed up the process.
  • Get 3 limucus for the lime alcohol recipe. You can get the limucus from the Green slime monsters that appear randomly.
  • Harvest a giant pumpkin for Locke. Plant pumpkin seeds at night, make sure there is a moon. Turn the planet so the moon shines on the plot the pumpkin is planted in. Move the planet until the icon on the pumpkins has the moon shining on it, you will know if it is right as the icon sparkles. If it doesn’t work plant more pumpkin seeds and try again, eventually you will grow a giant pumpkin.
  • Make a magic staff to test your powers. Use the house to make a staff. 2 x wood, 2x  metal bar and 5 x crystals, I already had all the resources.
  • Get 3 x daisy seeds and 2 x insect wings to trade for the next Prince story. You can purchase daisy seeds from Hute on the planet Ankora or get them from monster drops from flower monsters and the insect wings are monster drops too from the giant bee.
  • Make as many health potions as you can to heal Mioh’s wounds. Use the laboratory that you should have built by now in the house to create 4 x Healing Potions. 5 x blueberry, 5 x watermelon and 4 x glass bottle.
  • Make 3 bottles of oil for Brram. This quest only appears when Brram is already visiting and Locke visits a few moments later, you also need to have the laboratory built in the house. Make sure they both are visiting or you can’t pick up the quest. In the kitchen make 3 x bottles of oil for Brram using 2 x Sunflower each.
  • Defeat all the poisonous mushrooms. Easy, go off and kill all mushroom monsters roaming the planet.
  • Get a frog for Locke to test his youth potion on. Turn a monster into a frog and return it to Locke. You can get the Frog spell later on from Lily after learning her spell.
  • Get the ingredients for an explosive potion. Gather the resources, the horn is a monster drop from magma monsters. 3 x toadstool, 3 x horn and 1 x vase.
  • Bring 3 x gold bars to Locke for his alchemy experiment, you should have 3 bars in your items.
  • Locke meets Lily, wait for Locke and Lily to visit at the same time.
  • Make Nymph scent for Locke, In the laboratory using 2 x daisies, 2 x hibiscus and 1 x alcohol make the Nymph scent.

Goliath Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

To unlock Goliath’s first quest, you need to have finished Locke’s fifth quest make a magic staff.

  • Defeat the pirate Goliath. You have to fight the new visitor to your planet.
  • Cook a plate of Boletus Dei for Goliath. Use resources in the kitchen to create the yummy dish. 2 x toadstool, 1 x mushroom and 1 x fungus. The mushrooms are found throughout the planet randomly.
  • Get 30 wooden stumps for Goliath. This is just wood Goliath is looking for. You should have the wood on you, if not go cut some trees and remember to plant the pine seeds again otherwise your planet won’t have any trees on it.
  • Get 3 x larvae for Goliath. The larvae can be dropped by monsters or purchased from Brram and Umi.
  • Sell Crystal to Goliath. Give one crystal to Goliath.  The next time he visits your planet he will attack you for selling him the crystal.
  • Build a fireplace over the buried treasure and keep it lit until Goliath returns. On the front right side of the lake, there is a blue marked spot you can’t miss it, place a fireplace over it. This is the largest fire in the building menu you need to build.
  • Ask Locke about a pirate song. Talk to Locke then talk to Goliath.
  • Get 2 x roast chickens for Goliath. Light a torch and chase some chickens, or accidentally shoot one while you’re killing an enemy with the wand-like I did.
  • Cook the chicken drumstick dish for Goliath. Make the chicken drumstick in the Kitchen using 5 x corn, 3 x carrot and 1 x chicken
  • Buy the pages of the story “the prince” buy the pages of the book from Goliath for 1,000 gold.
  • Buy a diamond from Goliath. Open Goliath’s buy window and buy as many diamonds you want for only 141 gold instead of the usual 400 gold. Bargain!
  • Goliath meets Lily. You have to wait for Lily and Goliath to both visits at the same time.
  • Give Goliath’s jewel to Lily. After Goliath meets Lily, go and talk to him and he will ask you to give her a jewel.
  • Wait for Goliath to leave then call Lily by pushing the mysterious blue flower and give her the jewel.
  • Make a Pirate flag for Goliath. You’ll need 3 x thread, 1 x wool and 1 x horn from a Magma Monster. Like myself, you should have all these items by now.
  • Listen to Goliath while he talks about the race.
  • Wait for Goliath to visit and talk about home

Yuki Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

You need to have visited the planet of Ankora before Yuki starts appearing. From times to times, when a ship lands you’ll see a blue round icon at the top of the screen with Bom written. When this happens, it warns you that Yuki and her pet Bom are hidden on this ship! Bom is a blue squirrel that comes out of the ship, and heads straight for your house, steals some of your resources, then goes back to the ship. You need to block Bom’s path before it can go back to the ship otherwise you won’t be able to talk to Yuki and some of your food will get stolen.
Once you have blocked Bom’s path, Yuki will appear and you will be able to talk to her until a quest is finished or until the ship, she came with departs your planet.

  • Make a lollipop for Yuki. Make a lollipop in the kitchen using 5 x blueberry and 1 x milk.
  • Make a silver pendant for Yuki. Make a silver pendant for Yuki in the workshop. You can create silver after you create a barn for Umi and later bring him 10 x silver ore.
  • Make jello for Yuki. Make jello in the kitchen and give it to Yuki using 2 x insect wings, 3 x limucus and 1 x healing potion.
  •  Make an invisibility potion for Yuki. Make invisibility potion in the Laboratory. Salmon can be fished out of the lake after you build the pier for Mûn using 10 x carrot, 2 x salmon and 1 x alcohol.
  •  Cook some candy for Yuki using Brram’s secret recipe. You can’t finish this quest if you haven’t upgraded your house with a laboratory. Cook the candy using the Kitchen using 1 x pie, 1x cake and 1 x jelly.
  • Make a cake for Yuki. You can’t finish this quest if you haven’t upgraded your house with a laboratory. Once you have, you can make a cake in the kitchen for 2 x wheat, 2 x pumpkin and 3 x blueberry.
  •  Offer Yuki a cake in exchange for secret information on the Interstellar Patrol. Make a cake for Yuki.
  • Get an antidote for Yuki who is sick. You can buy an Antidote from Lily.
  • Make a fried egg for Yuki, in the kitchen using 1 x egg and 1 x oil.
  • Talk to Locke. Talk to Locke about infinite candy.
  • Buy a chewing gum for Yuki. Buy some chewing gum from Locke for 80 gold and give it to Yuki.
  • Make a lollipop for Yuki. In the kitchen using 5 x blueberry and 1 x milk make the lollipop and give it to Yuki.
  • Make a cake for Yuki. In the kitchen make a cake using 2 x pumpkin, 3 x blueberry.
  • Be nice to Yuki. Make a milkshake in the Laboratory using 2 x watermelon and 1 x milk.
  • Be nice to Yuki. Give Yuki 5 x carrots for Bom.
  • Yuki trusts you to look after Bom. Yuki asks you to look after Bom

Umi Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

You first need to finish Mûn’s 13th quest to unlock Ankora. Once you’re there you will be prompted to talk to Umi, the Ank living in the small tent with a campfire and two sheep, between the water and Mûn’s ship.

  • Talk to Umi, talk to Umi in the tent near where you land in Ankora.
  • Visit the Ice Temple to talk to Nidawi. Go to the Ice temple on the opposite side of Ankora and talk to Nidawi, it not hard to find.
  • Build a barn for the sheep. Return to your planet and build a barn using 30 x wood and 5 x metal bar.
  • Take 10 x pieces of silver ore to Umi to learn how to smelt it into silver bullion.  Silver ore can be mined from stone.
  • Take 15 x wooden stumps to Hute. Bring 15 x wood to Hute which you should have in your items.
  • Make an Ank blacksmith’s hammer. Return to your home and forge your hammer to the max using 3 x silver and 2 x wood.
  • Take 5 Ank berries to Nidawi at the ice temple. Take the 5 Ank Berries to Nidawi at the temple.
  • Retrieve the sheep Lana which was stolen by Goliath and return it to Umi’s camp, return to your planet and wait for Goliath to come and beat him up!
  • Go back to talk to Umi to make sure Goliath returned the sheep. Return to Ankora to talk to Umi.
  • Get 4 yellow flowers for Umi. You need to have seen Lily, and learnt how to plant flowers, and she won’t give you quests until you have a laboratory. Once you’ve finished Lily’s 4th quest plant chrysanthemum seeds in the flower pots. You can buy the seeds from Hute.
  • Tell Umi he has a date with Hute! Talk to Umi.
  • Prepare sushi for the reconciliation dinner for Hute and Umi. You can buy the algae from Umi and the rice from Brram. Make Sushi in the Kitchen using 2 x salmon, 1 x rice and 1 algae per Sushi,  and you need 2 x Shushi.

Hute Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

  • Get the ingredients for Ank stew. Gather the ingredients for the stew, meat can be purchased from Umi as well as dropped by monsters as well as bat wings, 2 x meat and 3 x bat wings.
  • Take an eggplant offering to Nidawi in the Temple of Ice. Use the eggplants that Hute gave you and talk to Nidawi at the temple.
  • Talk to Umi about the food supplies for Hute. Talk to Umi and get the supplies for Hute and take the food Umi gave you to Hute.
  • Talk to Hute. Make an Ank agricultural hoe. Return to your home and forge your hoe to the max using 2 x  silver and 2 x wood.
  • Plant Ank fruit in Deiland. Plant the poplar tree on your planet near the lake and wait until they sprout.
  • Get 2 x balls of wool for Hute. Buy 2 x wool from Umi if you don’t already have wool from your sheep then return to talk to Hute.
  • Make a Root Ointment for Hute, 3 x root which can be bought from Nidawi at the ice temple, 1 x alcohol and 1 x glass bottle.

Nidawi Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

Nidawi lives on Ankora, at the Temple of Ice. To meet him, you first need to finish Mûn’s thirteenth quest and Umi’s first quest. When you arrive Nidawi attacked by a mysterious person. You’re asked to engage in combat, just wait until the dialogue starts again.

  • Return to Deiland with Mûn. Return to Mûn’s ship and fly back to Deiland.
  • Take a diamond as an offering to the Temple of Ice. Buy a diamond from Goliath for 400 gold. A quick way to make money from Goliath is to mine some stone and sell it to Goliath for 2 gold each.
  • Defeat 3 x ice creatures. Kill 3 x ice monsters in Ankora, snowmen and ice lizards roam about, so there are a few around to kill.
  • Gather the ingredients to make the healing potion for Nidawi. You can buy dandelion seeds from Locke. 3 x ice, 2 x dandelion and 1 x  glass bottle is needed to complete the quest.
  • Catch 2  x different types of fish and take them to the temple of Ice. You can catch the salmon after building the Pier for Mûn.
  • Get some invisibility potion for Nidaw. Make the invisibility potion in the laboratory using 10 x carrots, 2 x salmon and 1 x alcohol. Talk to Nidawi.
  • Take crystal from Deiland to Nidawi. Return to Deiland and make Rock Crystal in the workshop using 20 x crystals. Talk to Nidawi.
  • Make a magic staff of ice. Upgrade staff using Go back your forge to make staff 2. You will need 5 x wood, 2 x rock crystal and 2 x silver. Silver can also be bought from Locke or Umi.

Lily Quests

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers

  • Plant 5 x cherry trees and talk to Lily again. Plant the cherry seeds that Lily gave you near the lake on your planet. Call her back if she flew away by pushing the plant that grew from the Mystery Seed.
  • Get the ingredients and squeeze a fruit juice for Lily. Use the laboratory and make a Juice. 3x ank berry, 3 x blueberry and 2 x cherry.
  • Make a pot to plant seeds. Make a pot in the workshop at the house using 10 x Stone. Use the pot and plant the blue-tear seed, and water it. Compost can be made in the workshop using, 1x wheat, 1x thorn, 1x fabric. Compost requires a thorn which is a monster drop or you can just buy the compost from Lily.
  • Defeat the carnivorous plants. Easy go off and kill all the plant monsters on your planet using the hoe.
  • Say a prayer of protection. Use the Alter on your planet to make a Prayer of Protection. You can purchase Candles from Locke. 1 x Candle, 3 x blue tear seed and 5 x crystals.
  • Make a jar of jelly for Mûn You have to wait for Lily and Mûn to both be on your planet at once. You’ll need 2 x cheery 2 x blueberry and 1 x healing potion.
  • Get the ingredients of the antidote and talk to Lily. Gather resources you’ll need poisonous liquid which is a monster drop from Poisonous Mushroom. 2 x poisonous liquid, 5 x acorn and 1 x alcohol.
  • Make the magic staff of life and talk to Lily again. You’ll need 1 x silver bars, 25 x crystals and 2 x gold bars. 
  • After getting the Staff of Ice you can call Lily and she will ask you to upgrade your staff to the max! As well as teach you the Spell of Life, which turns monsters into frogs.
  • Turn 3 monsters into frogs and take them to Lily. Lower the health of a monster and then use the Life Spell to turn them into frogs. The easiest place to do this is at Ankora.
  • Kill the spiders. Kill the spiders using the axe.
  • Use the Mutaplant potion on a mutable flower. In the workshop make a Mutaseed using 1 x daisy seed, 1 x plant mutate potion. Plant the seed in a flowerpot, when it’s fully grown pick it up.

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