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Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition, your own little pocket planet in the sky. And as usual, when we love a game, we try to make a guide.

As Deiland: Pocket Planet can be a little confusing when you first start the game we thought some tips & tricks to get you started might be just the thing. Plus, always good to have beginners guide to learn how some of the basic things work.

Still on the fence about whether to go for the game or not? Be sure to read our review here.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Left stick to turn the planet

Game Controls

You play as Arco, who is kind enough to automatically equip whatever tool you need to use. Arco will also automatically pick up items from the ground.

Push up on the D -Pad to access your menu. Using the ZR or ZL to move across the menu. Here you can eat food, see what materials you have, what special items you have. Here you also find Arco’s status, life points, energy Points, experience, hunger, strength, intelligence, agility, and finally stamina.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Workshop menu, at the home

Push down on the D-pad to find the quest list. The current quest you are on is listed, all completed quests disappear from the list once they are completed.
Press X to zoom out from the planet, press the L stick to rotate the planet. Press the R stick to rotate the clouds when you are in planet view. The clouds need to be rotated to water plants if it rains and to avoid setting your home and surroundings on fire if lightning clouds occur. Icons in the top left of the screen will let you know when to rotate your planet, so keep an eye on the icons.

Minus and plus buttons will bring up the quit menu to close the game. Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition automatically saves the game.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Incoming spacecraft, Arco’s Heath icons

Top Left Icons Game Screen

Top Left-hand side, where Arco icon is.
Number – Your level. You get the option to choose a skill to improve your skills every time you level up by going to sleep. You will know when you’re about to level up before you go to sleep as the sleep icon in the house has a little star on it.
Red Bar – Your Health. You lose Health when you get hurt, if the bar is empty you will faint and lose some materials.
Blue Bar – Your Energy. Every action Arco does cost energy, if it’s empty it needs to refilled by sleeping in your home.
Yellow Bar – Your Experience. Every time the bar is filled you will increase your level by sleeping at your home.
Crystal Icon – Shows how many crystals you have, crystals are used in some recipes and to cast spells. They can be found by breaking stones or meteors.
Apple Icon – Shows how hungry you are if the Apple is red you need to eat. Eat berries and food to turn the apple white with a circle around it.
ZZZ Icon- This lets you know it’s bedtime, and Arco needs to sleep before he collapses. Return to your home and sleep.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers
Home menu

Bottom Left-hand Icons

Using left and right on the D-pad you can change what icon shows on the screen, and it allows you to do different activities.

A hand – when the hand is on show it means that Arco isn’t holding any tools.
Hammer + wood – This is the construct building menu, where you can craft a campfire, well, fences and many more items.  Press Y to open the menu.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Forge at your home

More Icons on the Right

Axe –  Arco has the axe in his hand, as well as using the axe to cut down trees you also use it to demolish wells.
Hoe + plant leaf – Arco will use the hoe, it’s used to plant crops, trees and bushes. Pressing Y brings up the list of seed you have to plant depending on the season.

Wand + Spells – Arco will equip the wand, used for fighting baddies, press Y to see the spells you can use.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers
Workshop menu

Top Right Game Screen Icons

Let’s take a look at the Icons on the top right of the screen that will show active events that are happening on your planet.

Icon Visits – Visitors will visit but you must land their space ship. In the top right corner of the screen, an icon will appear, that’s your cue to land the ship on a vacant piece of land. There is a red circle under the space ship and this will turn blue once you have an appropriate landing spot. Visitors do not stay for long, they will soon fly away again. It is best to talk to them when they land. If you are in a middle of a quest for a visitor, don’t worry if they fly away before you have finished as they will come back.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Buildings menu used with the hammer

Icon Monsters – Monsters will appear on your planet, they can be killed by hitting them with your tools. Different tools are more efficient than others. Hammer and Axe do different damage on different enemies, experiment with them.

Icon Meteorites meteorites will fall and you’ll have to make sure they don’t hit you or things that will burn such as your trees and fields. You can rotate the planet by press X and using the Left stick to rotate the planet. When the Meteorites land you can destroy them to get seeds and crystals by breaking the fallen meteorites with a hammer.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers
Seeds menu, used with the hoe.

Icon Rain – The weather on your planet changes. When it starts to rain, change to planet view and rotate the planet until the clouds are above your fields, bushes and trees. Especially your crops in the field as this will boost the growing time of your crops.

Icon Thunder – Switch to planet view to take control of the rotation of the planet and clouds. Only this time you want to move the clouds to make sure the thunder doesn’t fall on you or fields, trees or bushes, basically anything that will burn. And try and avoid the thunder yourself.

Icon Sheep – Your sheep have escaped from the barn, best go round it up and take it back to the barn. 

Important to Know

If you leave your house and fields, a little arrow (it is very small) will be on the screen somewhere and this points you back to your house. If a monster lands on your planet a purple arrow will lead you to the monster so you can kill it.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition LadiesGamers
Calendar, one week equals a season.

Sleep at the House

You can’t die in Deiland, instead, you’ll faint. When this happens, you’ll be returned to your home and you will lose random items. The only things that can hurt you are monsters, hunger and the weather.

Your Tent which will upgrade to a house is where you can use the forge, workshop, kitchen, laboratory and go to sleep. Not all are available at the start of the game, only as you upgrade your home.
You need to build a well to be able to water plants, the more crops you have the more wells are needed as wells are not infinite in their water supply.
Upgrading your fields should be a high priority since that increases the yield of the crops planet.

If you craft a campfire and place it near your house, when Arco is low on health standing beside the campfire will regenerate his health bar to full.

Eventually, you will find chickens wandering about, they eat the pine seeds from the trees which you have to feed them. Lighting chickens on fire produces roast chickens, and if you continually feed a chicken it gets bigger, goes poof in a puff of smoke and leaves an egg behind.

You will also find a sheep at some stage, you need to build a Sheep barn. Wood x30
metal bars x5 to build a barn. At times the sheep will escape, it is up to you to lead it back to the barn, an icon at the barn shows exactly where to lead the sheep too.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition guide LadiesGamers

Fishing and the Mine

After you make your fishing rod you can fish at the little pond on your planet. Move the rod towards a fish and press A to cast. When the fish bites you have to press the random button that appears on the screen within the green line that shows on the bottom of the screen. You don’t have a lot of time to press the button so you need to be quick otherwise you lose the fish.

As the story progress and you have upgraded your house to the max, you get the recipe for the Mine. the mine is built behind the largest outcrop of stones on your Planet. Walk around it until you see an in the biggest stone. Build the mine against the stone wood x15, rope x2, metal bar x5 is needed. Once you have built the mine place a campfire outside it, every time you enter the mine, light a torch in the campfire first and take it with you. Once inside the mine use the torch to ignite the light in the mine. 


    1. Hi Alana, thanks for reading. You don’t have to empty the mine cart after being in the mine. That happens automatically. Hope that helps, have fun!

        1. Hey Rosie, thanks for reading. The mine cart empties automatically, you don’t have to do anything with it.

  1. Can you tell me how to get Laila the space dog on Nintendo Switch? She was supposed to be unlocked as one of the Kickstarter tiers…

    1. Hi Trista, thanks for reading. I haven’t came across a space dog as yet. If I do find one I’ll be adding where to find it to the guide.

      1. Thank you! I love your guide, I learned s I much!!! I may try emailing the developer. If I get an answer, I would love your permission to post it here!

        1. You’re welcome, and yes if you get an answer feel free to post it here and I’ll add it into the guide. Thanks.

    2. I found the space dog. Arco slept at the house and increased his level to 21 and the dog just appeared out of no where.

      1. I got the dog at a way earlier level. I think it might come from one of the meteorite mailboxes. there’s one that mentions the dogs name and i think it appeared after that.

        1. Melanie Meyer, I agree, that’s how I got the dog too. Unfortunately It was after I got everything else completed in the game lol, but Laila is still so cute!!!

    1. Hey Melanie, thanks for reading. Unfortunately I don’t know what the small dots on the calendar are, as I never really paid any attention to the calendar.

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