Demo for Monster Hunter 4

Some time ago I tried the demo for Monster Hunter 3 on the 3DS. Not because the title held any immediate appeal for me, but because some of my lady gaming friends were very much into the Monster Hunter titles. Friends who had been nuts for Animal Crossing. So that makes me stop and wonder: will this game be something for me? So, I tried the demo for Monster Hunter 3 and didn’t take to it at all. The demo has you butchering a dinosaur like creature, with no idea as to why. Now I’m not averse to battles in my games, but this didn’t make any sense to me at all. I actually felt a certain degree of pity for the beast.

Still, my friends were quite persistent. They told me that the demo didn’t do a good job of showing what the Special edition, mh4, edsgame is like. That the game is about getting a license to keep certain sorts of animal populations under control. That you will be able to go on gathering quests too, and that the environment looks so stunning. Monster Hunter 4 will be even more awesome, because it has very good online functionality and playing together with friends will really add more fun to the game. Now, with the Nintendo Direct having been broadcasted in Europe, Monster Hunter 4 is announced for Europe, slated for February 13th. So, quite close.

I don’t think I have any more reason not to give it a try and play together with my gaming ladies, as I just got the special demo code in my mailbox. So, Hunter YvoCaro at the ready!


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