Demo New Style Boutique 3 in European 3DS eShop

European fashionistas are lucky once again: New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star will be released on November 24. Just like with the title before this, no word on an American release (the games are called Style Savvy over there). To prepare us for all the fun ahead, Nintendo has brought a demo to the 3DS eShop.

There have been 4 games in the series, and I’ve played every one of them. My own fashionista is buried somewhere deep, deep inside, but I love the management part of the game. Added to that: the game is so colourful, cheerful and happy. What’s not to like? Plus, they manage to bring something new to the game in every instalment.

Of course, you will once again get to manage your own shop. A while in, you are approached by the talent agency Nin10 Productions, who need a stylist for their up-and-coming pop stars. You will help guide the three young singers on their road to stardom, designing outfits for them and assisting as they find their own identities. Eventually, the singers will perform on stage in outfits chosen by the player, and even adapt their musical styles to the fashion choices made for them. For example, choosing rock-themed clothing for a singer will lead her music in a rockier and edgier direction. There are 15 original pop songs included, in a range of styles, all specially written and recorded for the game.

The most important new feature for many creative people, who really enjoy designing clothes, paths and such in AC New Leaf, is The Design Centre in-game app. You can design clothes and outfits, and share them with each other online. Another in-game app, Shopdo, lets players upload their lovingly-designed boutique interiors, and even sell outfits to one another for in-game currency.

Menswear is back, which is good. The poor slobs didn’t have anywhere to go to be in the height of fashion in the last game. New accessory types such as headphones, bangles and wristwatches add some more possibilities to make your customers happy. Of course it’s not just about clothes, like last time there’s a hairdresser and beautician too. What’s new is that now you can also polish nails.

As you will play a stylist to new and upcoming posters, they added the You Diva feature which lets players relive the magic of the game’s music performances, and even customise them by changing the character performing and their outfit.

Sounds good, don’t you think? After the game’s release there will also be outfit ideas and plenty of other activity on the New Style Boutique Instagram and Facebook pages, where fans can share their designs with each other by tagging pictures with #StyleBoutique.

The last game, New Style Boutique 2 Fashion Forward was released exactly 2 years ago, and took almost a year before the American fans could enjoy it too. Let’s hope for our US friends, it won’t take this long this time!


  1. Yay menswear is back! Although I did have trouble keeping their clothes in stock, if they still have hairdressing and stuff managing money won’t be so hard.

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