Did you make your Mii your twin?

Mii, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo, E3, 2015This years E3 has started, and I’m really curious if Nintendo is going to bring us some exiting news. I’m trying to keep track of the events they have scheduled for this week, and this morning I found a snippet of news that I found interesting. Mr Iwata won’t be traveling to Los Angelos this year. Last year he didn’t attend either because of a surgery to remove a tumor, this year it’s because he felt he had to address the shareholders meeting in Japan next week himself. He took the opportunity to present us with his newest Mii, a very much slimmed down version of himself. He lost quite some weight after the surgery, and it stayed off, so he decided to alter his Mii to fit his current size.

This made me wonder: how many of us make our Mii in our own image? My Mii face has always been the best likeness of me that I could make. As I grew older I even added a wrinkle here and there, especially around the eyes. Let’s just look at it in a positive way, and say they are laughing lines. As for the rest of my Mii physique, that is really quite confronting. I still remember to this day how I first entered my height and weight when I made my profile in WiiFit. Minutes later my little YvoCaro waddled in…not the lean and fit person I had envisioned. Let’s just say reality can be harsh. Several years, multiple diets and WiiFit exercises later I have to say things aren’t getting any better. As you get older, gravity definitely gains on you. So when I make a Mii or little game character, like in Fantasy Life or Harvest Moon, I do cheat a little when it comes to height and width. After all, it is a fantasy life, right?

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I’ve added all my three Mii’s, one for each region. They all resemble me a bit, although I do my best to suppress the grey by coloring my hair! How about you, be honest, do you stay true to reality when you make a gaming character, how life like is it? Is it your virtual twin, or do we have to add a bit of imagination to find the real you?


  1. i tried to make my mii look as much like me as possible, but miis still look the worst. how they are the best representation nintendo could come up with, i will never know.

    1. Though I do think they are kinda cute! Though I could never get used to seeing my AC character running around with my Mii mask in New Leaf. Creepy!

      1. I tried using my Mii mask in ACNL also; a lot of people do think it’s creey. I wished it counted as a Halloween mask when Jack’s in town and he expects you in costume lol.

  2. I try to make them look like me. same hair and glasses, things like that. The only thing I make different is my weight. I’m a little rounder in real life.

  3. What a wonderful blog! Hum, let’s see… I do try my best to make them look like a chibi version of me. So slightly chubbier and shorter. Her hair’s also a golden shade of blond – my hair’s gotten darker in the past couple of years, but having been blonde most of my life, I’m far too used to seeing myself as ‘blonde’ and can’t break out of it yet. 🙂

    1. Now that’s a way to look at it too, a shorter and chubbier version! Do you know that I only recently found the term Chibified? I instantly knew what they meant, having dabbled a bit in Japanese, and I liked that term!

  4. My Mii looks like me 😛 (In the best way I could)

    But in other games I just take some creative liberties, especially Animal Crossing, in Splatoon I chose a completely different look, from eye color to what the inkling will wear, to stay fresh!

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